President of Ukraine

The First Peace Summit for Ukraine Should Become a Platform of Inspiration for the Future Peace Process

2 May 2024 - 11:00

The First Peace Summit for Ukraine will be held on June 15-16, following the January agreement between the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the President of the Swiss Confederation, Viola Amherd. The parties have chosen Bürgenstock, located near the Swiss city of Lucerne, as the venue.

The organization of the summit is the result of coordinated efforts of the Ukrainian and Swiss sides. It will be attended by state leaders and heads of governments from around the globe. The founding principles of the event were developed and agreed upon during a series of international meetings of political and national security advisors, initiated by the Office of the President to work on the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

The summit will serve as a platform for dialogue on ways to achieve a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter and the norms of international law. All the invited parties have confirmed their respect for these principles.

 The purpose of the Summit is to develop a framework for the achievement of this goal in order to inspire a future peace process.