President of Ukraine

Law enforcement agencies will provide additional protection to those Belarusians who may be in danger - President

4 August 2021 - 13:25

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to study all risks and provide unconditional protection for citizens of the Republic of Belarus who have arrived in Ukraine over the past year and who may face criminal encroachment due to their political or public activities.

"Every Belarusian who can be a target for criminals due to the public political position must get a special and reliable protection. The Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs must work out a clear algorithm for assessing possible risks, as well as a system of responses to these risks in order to eliminate any threat to people," the President said.

Currently, the list of citizens of the Republic of Belarus has been formed, for whom appropriate measures have already been taken to assess risks, provide additional support for their stay on the territory of our country and ensure security.

The given decision was made due to the receipt of information by law enforcement agencies about possible threats to a number of Belarusian activists, as well as due to the tragic death of Vitaly Shyshov, a political activist from Belarus who lived in Ukraine. Criminal proceedings have been initiated under Article 115 of the Criminal Code.

The President expects a comprehensive investigation into all the circumstances of Vitaly Shyshov's death, a prompt and complete verification of the information, as well as regular and sufficient informing of the public by the National Police about the progress of investigators in this case.