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President at Ukrainian Youth Forum: Unbreakable are not those who do not get tired, but those who add every day to joint efforts for victory

11 August 2023 - 21:04

President at Ukrainian Youth Forum: Unbreakable are not those who do not get tired, but those who add every day to joint efforts for victory

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy took part in the Ukrainian Youth Forum "Recovery in Unity!" taking place in Kyiv on the occasion of International Youth Day.

The event was organized by the Council on Youth Affairs under the President of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the support of international partners. The forum aims at uniting youth movements and organizations, involving and coordinating them in the implementation of youth policy during the war and in the reconstruction process.

In his speech, the Head of State said that in the conditions of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainians are going through difficult trials every day. So, this morning, in another missile attack by Russia on Ivano-Frankivsk region, three people were injured, and an eight-year-old boy was killed. And the Ukrainian military on the front line has been resisting the invader for more than 17 months, so they objectively feel tired.

"But it is precisely this fatigue that will be the basis of Ukraine's freedom and independence. Fatigue is not limited to those who are currently on the front lines. When you protect freedom, when you help the defense, when you fight, when you compete, when you work, when you study – all this is for the sake of the state. This tiredness of yours is your virtue, your achievement. It's evidence that you cannot be defeated," the President said.

Zelenskyy said that the unbreakable are not those who do not get tired or do not feel anything, but those who contribute their every day to the common effort for the sake of victory.

He said that our victory is as close as each of us is courageous, effective, and goal-oriented.

"How much everyone gets tired because they are doing something specific that brings the main thing closer – joint victory," the President said.

According to the Head of State, in the conditions of the full-scale war, the efforts of every citizen of Ukraine are important – every day.

Zelenskyy said that various people are present at the forum today: military personnel, volunteers, athletes, scientists, popular authors, activists, musicians, those who ensure the operation of social and public institutions, who build relations with international partners, and therefore – gain powerful weapon for Ukraine. And those who work or will work for future Ukraine. And it is important that each demonstrates dignity and results in their area.

"When everyone gets such an important result. Together with everyone. For the sake of our country, our people, our land with you, our freedom," the President said.

"Now, I want to wish you all a decent fatigue. I wish you powerful results in life. Because your life is the life of future Ukraine," the Head of State added.

The President said that Ukraine is proud of all its defenders, invincible and beautiful people, and will definitely be proud of the victory.

"We will definitely defeat all Ukraine's enemies. I have no doubt. We will definitely bring all of them to justice for terror. And we will rebuild Ukraine. Exactly together – I'm sure of it. Together with all our young flowers!" Zelenskyy said, concluding the speech.

The issues of recognizing the contribution of youth to approaching Ukraine's victory in the war, increasing the social and political participation of young people in decision-making at all levels, restoring and modernizing youth infrastructure and youth housing, overcoming trauma caused by war, and topic of social integration of youth, including those who take part in hostilities, integration of youth from de-occupied and temporarily occupied territories, provision of proper educational services in conditions of war, youth diplomacy and cooperation with youth from all over the world are discussed at the forum.