President of Ukraine

President during a conference call: Vaccination is a challenge for the whole world

18 January 2021 - 13:15

President during a conference call: Vaccination is a challenge for the whole world

The Cabinet of Ministers compared quarantine restrictions in Ukraine with those of 18 European countries, and Ukrainian quarantine turned out to be the mildest. This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal during the traditional conference call on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 chaired by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to the Prime Minister, 182,437 PCR tests were conducted last week. 160,000 tests were conducted the week before last. Over the past week, 44,402 new cases were identified. 41,000 people got infected the week before last. The slow increase in morbidity, which can be seen in the graphs, started again. 13,555 people were hospitalized in the previous week.

The Prime Minister noted that the government, pursuant to the instruction of the President of Ukraine, had prepared information on quarantine restrictions in other countries.

"We compared 18 European countries according to the rigidity index, which takes into account a number of indicators. For example, in Italy this index is 87.9, in Germany - 85.1, in Greece - 84, in Austria - 78, in Poland - 71. Ukraine ranks 18th among 18 countries and has the rigidity index of 61.5. That is, we have one of the lowest indicators of the severity of quarantine restrictions," Denys Shmyhal emphasized.

Law enforcers said they had closed half a thousand entertainment venues and restaurants, more than 60 malls and 40 clubs for violating quarantine rules.

The President of Ukraine stressed that the government should be totally ready to start vaccination.

"The first to be vaccinated are health workers, the military, the elderly, as they are in the main risk group. I know that the Ministry of Health holds active preparations for the signing of the first contracts. People need to know clearly when vaccination starts, understand the procedure, and know that the state will take care of them. Vaccination is a challenge for the whole world, and everywhere, in every country, governments are facing new challenges. We must first of all think about the people," the Head of State said.