President of Ukraine

President introduced new Kharkiv RSA Head Ihor Rainin

3 February 2015 - 18:30

President Petro Poroshenko has appointed Ihor Rainin, who has worked as Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration since November 2014, to the post of Kharkiv RSA Head.

The President introduced the new RSA Head in the course of his working visit to Kharkiv on February 3.

"Kharkiv region is a strategic foothold of Ukraine in the struggle against terrorists. Thus, it is extremely important, for the given region to be headed by a strong manager. Ihor Rainin is a professional government official and economist, responsible and decent man. Kharkiv region is his homeland. In recent months, he has received a working experience in central governmental authorities. He has also been working in Kharkiv region for a long time. The new governor faces increasingly difficult tasks, for Kharkiv region is a frontline region, a buffer zone between the war-torn Donbas and peaceful Ukraine. Ihor Rainin is a person, which can ensure the functioning of the state apparatus in a difficult situation and maintain peace and security in the region," the President noted.