President of Ukraine

President appointed Hryhoriy Samardak Head of Zaporizhzhya RSA

6 April 2015 - 13:47

Hryhoriy Samardak was appointed Head of Zaporizhzhya RSA under the President's Decree of April 6.

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk has presented new Head of Zaporizhzhya RSA to civil-political activists of the region. "Zaporizhzhya region is a strategic defense point of the country today. It is located between the two occupied territories – Crimea and Donetsk – and virtually shares the borders with the ATO area. Choosing a reliable governor is extremely important not only for Zaporizhzhya, but also for the entire Ukraine," Vitaliy Kovalchuk emphasized.

The First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration has informed on the main tasks of the new governor: organization of support and social security of demobilized warriors, building fortifications and providing full information on the provision of subsidies and the struggle against corruption.

Hryhoriy Samardak has passed the way from an ordinary civil servant to the first deputy head of the regional state administration. He has been acting RSA Head for 6 months.