President of Ukraine

I sworn to defend the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, I will always keep oath inviolate – the President

13 October 2019 - 19:55

Dear Ukrainians! We will celebrate the Day of the Defender of Ukraine tomorrow. Our country is very lucky, because  many courageous and invincible defenders live here. And tomorrow every conscientious Ukrainian will express solid respect and gratitude to our soldiers, volunteers and doctors.

Journalists who work in combat zone and those who protect our information space from fakes and propaganda.

To our diplomats, who defend Ukraine's interests in the international arena.

And, of course, the fathers and mother, wives and husbands, children and grandchildren of all the heroes who died defending our Homeland.

There will be actions and popular assembly in the capital and in other cities of Ukraine this day. I have a few things to say about this.


I urge every law enforcement representative to respect the citizens' constitutional right to peaceful protest.

Guarantee their safety.

Tomorrow you have to show that you are forces of law and order of a democratic, European model.


I appeal to all who will take part in the actions.

I follow the voice of the people.

Ukraine is free and democratic State where everyone has the right to be heard.

There will be many veterans and volunteers in the capital on October 14.

I understand your fear of further settlement of the situation in Donbas.

You really don't want to turn futile what you fought for.

And do not let the memory of the fallen combatants be betrayed.

I promise you, as the President of Ukraine and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of  Armed Forces, that I will never allow this.

You have repeatedly said that veterans, like anyone else, want peace.

But not just any, but fair.

I know it and I assure you and that's the way it will.

And it can not be otherwise.

On May 20, I swore  to defend Ukraine's sovereignty and independence.

I keep oath inviolate and I will keep oath inviolate forever.

I believe that on this day, hot hearts will not overshadow common sense.

I ask you be prudent, act responsibly, in accordance with the law and public order.

And please do not react to provocation of those who want to create an eloquent picture for Russian television.

Tomorrow is our Ukrainian national holiday. So let us not make gifts for our enemies on this day.

They dream of the strife, quarrels and chaos in our midst.

And they are very afraid that the Ukrainians will be united.

Because then  we are strong.

Because then  we are invincible.

Therefore, to the envy of all we will prove that we are Ukrainians free, civilized, and most importantly, wise people.

Let's keep that in mind.

Glory to Ukraine!