President of Ukraine

President has granted Passports of Ukrainian Citizens to Juliana and Marco Suprun: Your efforts saved thousands of lives

11 July 2015 - 15:48

President Petro Poroshenko has signed Decrees on granting the Ukrainian citizenship to the Suprun spouses. At the meeting, the President expressed appreciation to Juliana and Marco Suprun for their sincere support and assistance to Ukraine when the country really needs them. The Head of State has granted Passports of Ukrainian Citizens to the couple.

According to the Decree, it is in the state’s interest to grant the citizenship of Ukraine to Juliana and Marco Suprun.

The Head of State emphasized that the Suprun spouses have made a great contribution to providing Ukrainian military officers with the international-level individual first aid kits and tactical medicine training program. “Your efforts saved thousands of lives,” the President said.

The President has also noted Juliana and Marco Suprun participation in the training program for new Ukrainian Police Patrol Service. Petro Poroshenko said that thanks to such knowledge new police officers have saved a human life.

The President noted that tough times encourage the civil society to develop dynamically. The Head of State said that the first full-scale clothes and health care products electronic trading was implemented at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine yesterday. Due to such trading, prices were reduced by 24 percent. The President emphasised the critical role of volunteers in providing the Armed Forces with what they need. “Ukraine is lucky to have such a unique phenomenon as the volunteer movement,” the President said.

“Ukrainian Armed Forces revived this year and your efforts also added value to such revival,” Petro Poroshenko said referring to the couple.

Marco Suprun recalled meeting with the President amid unfolding the Maidan events. “I remember 1 December when the Maidan events were emerging in Bankova Street and we fought for a common goal of protecting the protesters. Then, the distance between us was around five to ten meters. I realized then that we have to be close and stay side by side with you to develop a new country,” Marco Suprun said. "Thank you for being near then, thank you for being with Ukraine all this time," The President replied.

Juliana Suprun presented an individual first aid kit to the President, the same that keeps saving lives of Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas, and invited him to take the tactical medicine training program during the course for fighters and rescuers.


The founders of the Protection of Patriots Volunteer Project Juliana and Marco Suprun moved to Ukraine a week after the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity. Juliana, a doctor, joined the Medical Service as a volunteer and was at Maidan in most difficult times. The the Suprun spouses are active members of the Ukrainian World Congress, an international NGO uniting the Ukrainian diaspora around the world. Since early 90s, the couple has been visiting Ukraine with various missions. As part of the Protection of Patriots Volunteer Project, over 19 thousand soldiers and over 2 thousand cadets completed the tactical medicine training program. Supported by this initiative, the army was provided with more than 16,5 thousand kits made exactly to NATO standards and activities aimed at the rehabilitation of the Revolution of Dignity victims were arranged.