President of Ukraine

President says that staffing decisions will be made due to the situation related to the explosions in the ammunition depots in Ichnia

11 October 2018 - 15:49

President says that staffing decisions will be made due to the situation related to the explosions in the ammunition depots in Ichnia

President says that staffing decisions will be made due to the situation related to the explosions in the ammunition depots in Ichnia.

"On the one hand, the guilty must be held accountable. I instructed the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff to provide a list of dismissed generals and officers who are responsible for the storage of ammunition. I am counting on the prompt reaction of the law enforcement agencies. I do not exclude certain personnel conclusions," the Head of State said.

"I cannot but touch upon the unpleasant topic of the last days - the storage of ammunition in Ichnia. It is a shame. Such stories, which according to the preliminary findings of the investigation are the result of sabotage groups, cast a shadow on the image of the Ukrainian military and special services, obscuring the conscientious work of the soldiers who selflessly defend the Homeland," the President said. The Head of State especially emphasized: "The first data indicates that the main version is sabotage. This must teach us decisive actions".

Petro Poroshenko drew an example of Great Britain, where saboteurs used a chemical, which led to casualties. "In the center of Europe, in Britain, there was a chemical attack with an extremely dangerous agent - poisonous substance "Novichok", which led to the death and disability of many people. What did we see in British society? Requirement to dismiss intelligence, special services, army or government leadership? On the contrary, the country was united. They detected Russian terrorists. And these are terrorists if they poison civilians. Just as terrorists-saboteurs. They showed it to the whole world. Imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. Ukraine and the whole world supported these sanctions, from the expulsion of diplomats to the imposition of sanctions on individuals and legal entities," he said.

"The aggressor has already been and will be held accountable. The same must be done by us. If, after the tragedy in Salisbury, the British intelligence had been weakened, Russia would have achieved its goal. We need to learn," the President noted.

At the same time, Petro Poroshenko expressed conviction that solely personnel decisions will not solve the problem and it is needed to make system decisions.

"Having solved the most urgent problems of military construction, we approached the issue of ammunition depots. This year it was planned to start construction of 15 modern storage facilities with automatic protection systems, which exclude sabotage, with automatic fire prevention and warning systems, which reduce the human factor to almost zero," the Head of State said.

He said that he would visit the arsenal in Tsvitokha today. "Its reconstruction is in full compliance with NATO standards. 37 reinforced concrete storage facilities, 70 km of electric grids, 20 km of water pipes, 15 km of hard-surface roads. And a billion and 250 million hryvnias. And this is just one object. This is a price, this is a payment for security," the President stressed.

Petro Poroshenko added: "Can we solve this large-scale problem immediately, in a year or two? No, and it's necessary to tell the truth to society that we need time, money and patience. But we are the first who really embarked on this issue, who not only extinguish fire, but also provide systemic changes".

According to him, it is planned to allocate more than 101 and a half billion hryvnias for the Ministry of Defense in the draft state budget of Ukraine for 2019. Although the defense ministry has fairly calculated its needs in the amount of 210 billion, and in reality, they need much more. "We cannot give so much. We can only afford one hundred. Three and a half billion dollars is a lot according to the Ukrainian standards. But according to the world standards it is an extremely modest defense budget," he also noted.