President of Ukraine

Tax reform will eliminate corruption in this area and improve business conditions - Rostyslav Shurma

2 February 2023 - 20:24

The tax reform being worked on by the Office of the President of Ukraine will eliminate corruption in the tax sphere and level the playing field for all market participants. This was stated by Rostyslav Shurma, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, speaking at the Global Outlook: Victory Mode conference, organized by the European Business Association.

"Almost all European companies represented in the hall pay “white”, legal salaries. But there are many businessmen who pay salaries in envelopes. And I understand how difficult it is for you to compete with those who pay salaries in envelopes, because they save 40% of taxes. Our reform will change this situation and put everyone on an equal footing," explained Rostyslav Shurma.

According to him, the draft law on tax reform will be finalized soon. The document will be submitted for consideration by the parliament after it is agreed with international partners, primarily the International Monetary Fund.

"I assure everyone that we will finish this story. Tax reform is a fundamental, right thing, and it will definitely be implemented this year," the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office emphasized.

According to him, the President's Office is also working on other initiatives to make it easier to do business in our country.

"Everyone sitting in this hall runs a large enterprise, a team. And you know that in order to build a new plant, you need to solve problems with land and grid connection. Both problems will be solved," said Rostyslav Shurma.

In particular, a draft law has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada that would allow the transfer of agricultural land for industrial, energy, logistics, or construction purposes through electronic declaration.

It is also planned to consider a draft law that will oblige regional power distribution companies to provide free capacity for connecting new industrial facilities and thus eliminate the practice of bribery by regional power distribution companies.

In addition, according to Rostyslav Shurma, the investment climate will be improved by intensifying the fight against corruption.

"Everyone sees what has been happening recently in terms of fighting corruption. I can assure everyone that this is just the beginning of systematic work. This is a long process, but it will definitely be completed, as there is a principled decision of the President of Ukraine to root out corruption," he emphasized.