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Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov discussed joint actions for the development of e-services with representatives of international organizations and State Agency for e-Governance

28 May 2019 - 11:57

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov discussed joint actions for the development of e-services with representatives of international organizations and State Agency for e-Governance

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov met with representatives of the Eurasia Foundation (TAPAS project), East Europe Foundation (EGAP project), Estonian e-Governance Academy (EGOV4UKRAINE project), Administrative Services Reform Office, American Chamber of Commerce and State Agency for e-Governance.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy set the tone of the meeting at iForum last week when he announced “A State in a Smartphone". Mykhailo Fedorov emphasized that the e-governance project had been actively developing in Ukraine over the last 4 years, during which many electronic services had been created. He proposed to make joint efforts to do even more.

"The primary goal now is to identify concrete ways and mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of this ambitious project, to make the e-government more advanced, user-friendly and significantly increase the number of its users. We need to implement the idea of one stop, give citizens a single web address for all available services, implement a single authorization and identification system, make the whole system more citizen-oriented, implement uniform design principles and integrate the existing electronic services into a single technological framework," Mykhailo Fedorov noted.

The Advisor to the President explained that the e-government should become more citizen-friendly, as they will have to remember only one address for easy navigation across the entire spectrum of e-services - both those already developed and those planned to be created. Concentration of existing and planned e-services on one web resource will facilitate even greater involvement of citizens in the digital world. An important task is to present a complete road map for launching new services.

"Obviously, an additional impulse and the reboot of this sphere are needed. The ergonomics of electronic services is when a citizen finds what he needs in two clicks in the national catalogue of services implemented under the principle of real-life situations, logs in once, enters personal data once and is not afraid to lose it. This is when electronic administrative regulations are introduced at the back office, allowing employees to provide services faster and make internal processes automatic," co-chair of the IT committee of the American Chamber of Commerce Valeriy Fishchuk noted.

First Deputy Head of the State Agency for e-Governance Oleksiy Viskub informed that the e-services development strategy offered 200 priority positions for everyday life of citizens. In particular, this is the registration of LLC, real estate developer’s account and “yeMaliatko” project ensuring the provision of 10 services related to the birth of a child under one e-application.

There are 125 electronic state services available online in Ukraine. The most popular are obtaining an extract on a land plot, certificate of no criminal record and registration of housing subsidies.

"The ultimate goal for most services should be full automation, when the decision is made not by the official, but by the system based on a clear algorithm provided by the regulatory framework,"  Oleksiy Viskub said.

Also, the parties discussed the implementation of the national identification system associated with the need to create a Single Demographic Registry, the situation with the state registries, which are the basis for e-government and e-services, the use of blockchain technologies, primarily on “property” registers and the fight against raiding.

Mykhailo Fedorov suggested further discussing the development of e-services in the context of the modern national identification system, which will significantly accelerate the development of this area, and specifically touched upon the issue of digitalization in the regions - at the level of initiatives, projects and people responsible for that in the regional state administrations.

Representatives of international organizations Danylo Molchanov, Olena Sayenko, Yuriy Kopytin, Liudmyla Rabchynska and Volodymyr Delbin present at the meeting commented on the current state of the project, noted the important steps already taken by the relevant teams and assured of the need for the joint action in the future.

The Advisor to the President of Ukraine also announced prompt joint presentation of the road map for the development of electronic services sphere and the model of "a state in a smartphone" for expert circles and the public.