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The decision to grant autocephaly has already been made - President

11 October 2018 - 19:48

The decision to grant autocephaly has already been made - President

President Petro Poroshenko informed that the Holy Synod approved a decision to grant the Tomos of Autocephaly to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

“The Lord saw the struggle of the Ukrainian people for their independence. He heard our prayers. He properly estimated our labor. It became so desirable for Him to have His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Holy Synod of the Mother Church of Constantinople to declare the dreamed and long-awaited "yes", for which we fought for a long time,” the Head of State noted.

“There will be Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko stressed.

“World Orthodoxy, as His All-Holiness Bartholomew once wrote, is a "constellation of independent and equal national churches". And finally, my dear friends, our Ukrainian star will shine in this constellation. The decision to grant Autocephaly has already been taken. I emphasize, that the decision to grant Autocephaly to Ukraine has been approved and confirmed once again,” the President added.

“By the work of God, their own Local Churches have been set up in all the Orthodox states that have won their independence. This happened in Bulgaria, in Greece, in Georgia, in Serbia, in Cyprus, in Romania, in Russia. Now our State of Ukraine is joining their ranks,” the Head of State said.

“The decision of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Holy Synod has finally dispelled the imperial illusions and chauvinistic fantasies of Moscow, which were not supported by any legal church document - about Ukraine as so called "canonical territory of the Russian Church". It was in 1924 when the Ecumenical Patriarchate acknowledged the fact that the so-called "transition" of the Kyiv Metropolitan in the possession of Moscow took place "not by the canonical rules". And today the Holy Synod confirmed this position once again,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

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Autocephaly is the part of our pro-European and pro-Ukrainian state strategy, which we have been consistently implementing over the past four years and, I emphasize, which we will implement hereafter. This is the foundation of our own path of development, the development of the State of Ukraine and the development of the Ukrainian nation.