President of Ukraine


Russia avoided even the word "war" for six months, punished its own people with criminal cases for it, and now it declares martial law in the occupied territory.

I am grateful to all friends of Ukraine! I am grateful to everyone who fights and works for our victory! No matter what the enemy plans and does, our perspective is clear: Ukraine will defend itself.

Russia stands no chance on the battlefield. And it tries to cover up its military defeats with terror. Why does it need terror? To put pressure on us, on Europe, on the whole world. Terrorists must be neutralized.

I thank all our warriors who are heroically holding their positions near Bakhmut, near Soledar and in all other directions where military clashes are currently ongoing - in the east, in the south of the country. Separately, I would like to note today those units that provided us with the result of replenishment of the exchange fund.

We are doing everything to reduce the capabilities of the occupiers, the ability of the Russian army to carry terror through Ukrainian land. We are consistently destroying the logistics of terrorists, their warehouses and headquarters.

Russia is already in the atmosphere of its defeat, already in the atmosphere of hopelessness for itself. They still have the opportunity to terrorize our cities and all Europeans, blackmail the world. But they have no chance. And it won't be, because Ukraine is moving forward.

On October 14, we express gratitude. Gratitude to everyone who fought for Ukraine in the past. And to everyone who is fighting for it now.  To all who won then. And to everyone who will definitely win now. Win in such a way that it will crown the struggle of many generations of our people with success. The people who always wanted one thing the most - freedom.

We also have a powerful response from PACE, which is the first international organization to designate the current regime in Russia as terrorist. This is a political signal. A signal to all states - members of the Council of Europe and all states of the world, that there is nothing to talk about with this terrorist group, which appropriated Russia and unleashed the most heinous war in Europe in 80 years.

I am grateful for the fact that the PACE can become the first international organization that designates Russia exactly this way - as a terrorist state.

It would be useful to create a coordination format for financial support of Ukraine similar to the one created in Ramstein for defense support.