President of Ukraine

Joint declaration of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda and President of Poland Andrzej Duda following the Second Summit of the Lublin Triangle

11 January 2023 - 18:07

On January 11, 2023, the Presidents of Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland met in Lviv at the Second Summit of the Lublin Triangle and on the eve of the 160th anniversary of our joint January Uprising (1863-1864) against tyranny and oppression and issued the following statement:

Condemning in the strongest terms Russia's full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, which undermines the foundations of the rules-based international order,

noting the unprecedented role and scope of assistance provided by Poland and Lithuania since the beginning of the Russian aggression, including humanitarian and military assistance, as well as immediate energy support,

fully supporting Ukraine's inherent right to self-defense and to choose its own security measures,

Referring to the unwavering support of the European Union and NATO for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders since 1991,

taking into account Ukraine's significant contribution to the security of the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond, in particular by deterring the military threat from Russia,

strongly supporting all efforts aimed at ensuring Ukraine's immediate financial stability and its recovery and reconstruction for a sustainable, prosperous and democratic future as a full member of the European Union,

looking forward to continuing the process of modernization of the Ukrainian economy and other reforms as soon as conditions allow,

strongly supporting all international efforts to provide systematic financial support to Ukrainians abroad, as well as to those states providing the most needed humanitarian assistance, including Poland and Lithuania,

taking into account the Constitution of Ukraine, which defines the acquisition of full membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a strategic course of the state,

noting the support of the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian population for the country's integration into the EU and NATO,

reaffirming the commitment to strengthen joint efforts to ensure further progress in the implementation of EU and NATO standards and principles, as well as Ukraine's integration into the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance,

praising the Joint Statement of the Presidents of the nine Central and Eastern European NATO member states of October 2, 2022, which underlines support for Ukraine's membership in NATO and calls on Allies to significantly increase military assistance to Ukraine,

praising the Joint Statement of the Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania of November 25, 2022 on Regional Security and European Integration, which emphasizes further support for Ukraine's integration path to the EU and NATO,

The leaders of the Lublin Triangle:

  • confirm the centuries-old strategic ties between Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland, which once formed one state that served as a barrier against tyranny from the east;

  • reaffirm their readiness to further strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities. Lithuania and Poland will support Ukraine for as long as it takes, in particular by continuing to provide powerful military, defense, political, diplomatic, economic, logistical and humanitarian assistance;

  • agreed to promote strong political, practical and material support from NATO and the EU to Ukraine in order to ensure the ability of the Ukrainian state to effectively defend its territories on land, at sea and in the air;

  • reaffirm the need for a transparent process of reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine after the war. Ukraine and Lithuania recognize the crucial role of Poland as a hub for sending the assistance needed for Ukraine's recovery;

  • reaffirm their intention to cooperate at the trilateral, European and international levels on the issue of de-occupation of the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russia, in particular through the mechanism of the Crimea Platform;

  • underscoring Ukraine's sovereign decision on the peace process, express their support for the convening of the Global Peace Formula Summit initiated by Ukraine to consolidate international support for the plan presented by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the G20 Leaders Summit in Bali on November 15, 2022;

  • underline their support for the establishment, in accordance with the principles of international law, of a special international tribunal for the crime of aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in order to bring to justice those responsible for this crime;

  • express readiness to hold trilateral consultations on international security guarantees for Ukraine prior to NATO membership on the basis of proposals initiated by Ukraine in the framework of the Kyiv Security Compact of September 13, 2022;

  • commend Ukraine's significant progress on the path towards Euro-Atlantic integration, in particular with regard to achieving interoperability with NATO standards, as demonstrated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield;

  • agreed to further develop the LitPolUKrBrig as an operational platform for trilateral military cooperation, as well as an important format for strengthening military cooperation and capacity building initiatives between Ukraine and NATO;

  • note that NATO members Lithuania and Poland support Ukraine in becoming part of the Alliance as soon as conditions allow, making efforts to reach consensus among the Allies;

  • underline the importance of the historic decision of the European Council of June 23, 2022 to grant Ukraine the EU candidate status and welcome the significant progress made by Ukraine in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission. Lithuania and Poland reaffirm their full commitment to support Ukraine in launching accession negotiations as soon as conditions permit, with a view to its full membership in the EU. Ukraine recognizes the leadership role of Poland and Lithuania, whose Presidents were among the first to apply for providing Ukraine candidate status;

  • underline the importance of expanding the Black Sea Grain Initiative to other seaports of Ukraine and commend Ukraine's contribution to strengthening global food security, in particular through the successful implementation of the "Grain from Ukraine" humanitarian initiative;

  • underline the need for Ukraine to promote cooperation, support and creation of equal conditions for Polish, Lithuanian and other foreign investments, as well as other business activities in the process of Ukraine's recovery;

  • underline the importance of multilevel involvement of Ukraine as a participating state in the activities of the Three Seas Initiative. Lithuania and Poland, as full members of the Three Seas Initiative, will facilitate Ukraine's participation in various projects to facilitate post-war reconstruction, in particular in the fields of energy infrastructure, transport and digitization;

  • agreed to hold the next summit of the Lublin Triangle.

On behalf of Ukraine - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy     

On behalf of Lithuania - President Gitanas Nausėda         

On behalf of Poland - President Andrzej Duda