President of Ukraine

Joint Statement of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland Sanna Marin

10 March 2023 - 16:06

During their meeting the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland recalled the European Union’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders extending to its territorial waters, as well as fully supporting Ukraine’s inherent right to self-defence and to choose its own security arrangements. 

The President and the Prime Minister condemned in strongest possible terms the Russian Federation’s unprovoked and unlawful aggression against Ukraine and illegal attempts to annex Ukraine’s territories in violation of the United Nations Charter. Both Ukraine and Finland welcome the strong messages in the United Nations General Assembly resolutions condemning Russia’s aggression and appreciating the extensive work done at the United Nations in addressing the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The leaders reaffirmed their support for the principles of international law, the inviolability of borders, and the right for each state to choose its own path and security arrangements. They reiterated the demand that the Russian Federation immediately, completely, and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. Both remain fully committed to the policy of non-recognition of illegal annexation of Ukraine’s territories by Russia.

During the meeting both Ukraine and Finland recalled the United Nations Human Rights Council’s strong political message urging an end to violation and supporting full accountability of those responsible. 

The President and the Prime Minister confirmed their commitment to strengthen joint efforts to ensure further progress towards the implementation of EU standards and the integration of Ukraine with the European Union and the Euro-Atlantic community.

The leaders welcomed the historic decision of the leaders of the European Union Member States, adopted on June 23, 2022, granting to Ukraine EU candidate country status. Finland will continue its support for Ukraine’s path towards membership in the European Union and will support Ukraine’s efforts in fulfilling the necessary criteria. In order to further proceed on this path Ukraine looks forward to EU decision in 2023 on the next step towards accession negotiations.

Finland confirmed its commitment to promoting the European Union’s continued, strong and effective political and material support for Ukraine ensuring the ability of the Ukrainian state to effectively defend its sovereign territory and protect its citizens. 

Finland welcomed Ukraine’s Peace Formula first presented by President Zelenskyy at the G20 Bali Leaders’ Summit on November 15th, 2022, which gives common vision of the necessary steps that will ensure comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine and security for the whole world. Finland is ready to support Ukraine’s plan based on respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and reaffirms its commitment to actively work with Ukraine on its implementation. Ukraine and Finland support the idea of a Peace Formula Summit and will work together to ensure the widest possible international participation.

The President and the Prime Minister stressed that the war crimes and other most serious crimes, of which there is growing evidence during Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, are a gross violation of international law. They agreed to continue working together to ensure full accountability, including by establishing an effective judicial mechanism for the crime of aggression, the prosecution of which is of interest to the international community as a whole. Also, they agreed to work towards the use of Russia's frozen assets to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and for the purposes of reparation, in accordance with EU and international law. 

Both Ukraine and Finland condemn Russia’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric and recall that the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible. Both underline full support for the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency to assist Ukraine in ensuring nuclear safety and security.

The President and the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative and its expansion to other Ukrainian seaports. Welcome the implementation of the Grain from Ukraine humanitarian program, aimed at enhancing the global food security, and underscore the importance of further implementing the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes.

Finland underlined its readiness to participate in the recovery, reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine, including in the green transition, digitalization and telecommunication, education, energy and energy-efficiency, waste and water processing, construction, planning and infrastructure. Finland and Ukraine will work to establish a closer bilateral coordination of Finland’s support for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine; 

Both leaders welcomed the signatures of both the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Finland; and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Finland.