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Ukraine: At the Forefront of Freedom campaign celebrates 25th independence anniversary

23 August 2016 - 17:31

Ukraine: At the Forefront of Freedom campaign celebrates 25th independence anniversary

On August 23, the organizing committee of the campaign commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian independence explained what to expect from the holiday and what traditions and creative approaches they used to make it the most memorable event of the year. Prior to the anniversary, the organizers showed a video devoted to the anniversary.

The media campaign is united with a core idea – Ukrainians are born to be free. The campaign’s slogan for domestic audience is Ukraine: Born to be Free, while for the international audience is Ukraine: At the Forefront of Freedom. 

“We want to remind the whole international community that we will fight for our land and for our and everyone’s freedom. The world can count on us, we will not fail them. However, it is very important that they will not fail us. Our freedom is essential not only for us but the whole world,” said project leader Natalia Popovych, advisor to the Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine and co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Ukrainian avant-garde became the uniform style of the campaign. According to Popovych, it shaped the Ukrainian national identity, yet historic legacy of this period has been annexed by Russia.

Popovych also noted the organizers deliberately resolved not to focus on the number 25 on par with other post-Soviet republics. “Although these 25 years were important for the Ukrainian people, they cannot explain the real character and spirit of the nation. Defenders of Ukraine today are absolutely extraordinary – their feat is unparalelled, however, they are disciples of a glorious tradition of our ancestors who never surrendered.”

In addition, Popovych said this year all government institutions across the country and embassies abroad will use souvenirs and information hand-outs in Ukrainian and English. Such a coordinated campaign takes place for the first time in Ukraine’s modern history, demonstrating the progress of Ukrainian government communications.

Yevhen Nishchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine, and event director Serhiy Proskurnya told more about major events on the Independence Day in Kyiv.

Nishchuk told the celebration will start from an inter-confessional prayer at St. Sophia Cathedral.

Military parade will be the culmination of the Independence. According to Nishchuk, he spoke with Ukrainian soldiers. “Our service members need this parade and support of Ukrainians.”  

The Minister of Culture highlighted the parade will be accompanied by a unique feature. People from different regional centers will be able to watch the parade on large screens installed at central squares of their home cities. Moreover, people across the country will sing the national anthem at the same time. On the other hand, the main screen in Kyiv will showcase images of Ukrainian cities who will sing “Ukraine has not yet perished” with the capital. “Every Ukrainian would feel the unity of the whole nation,” said Minister of Culture Yevhen Nishchuk.

After midday, the streets of the capital will turn into venues for festivities and exhibitions. There will be a concert United Ukraine next to the Kyiv City Hall with demonstrations of artistic achievements of every Ukrainian region. At Contract Square, there will be another concert and a national cuisine festival.

Serhiy Proskurnya, director of state events, told a unique music band will perform where all musicians were born in 1991, the same year when the country gained independence. Members of the band hail from different regions of Ukraine and led by a worldly renowned conductor Kyrylo Karabynets who performance at the Berlin State Opera and Deutsches Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar.

Olesya Drashkaba, creative group leader, explained the goals of the campaign’s video Ukraine: At the Forefront of Freedom. “This video was created by Ukraine Crisis Media Center as a gift to all Ukrainians. We have filmed it not as a manifest or call to action, but as a symbolic and emotional history, as if the parents told their children about Ukraine. This is their homeland full of power and beauty, as well as immense dignity. All these events occurred throughout centuries of Ukrainian history. This is also about freedom and inspiration to gain independence no matter what.” Drashkaba thanked the crew of volunteers led by director Ivan Tymchenko.