President of Ukraine

Ukraine and the United States have begun a new stage in bilateral relations - President of Ukraine following the negotiations with the President of the United States in Washington

22 December 2022 - 02:01

Ukraine and the United States have begun a new stage in bilateral relations - President of Ukraine following the negotiations with the President of the United States in Washington

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression, Ukraine and the U.S. have reached the level of a truly meaningful alliance. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a joint briefing with U.S. President Joseph Biden following the meeting in Washington.

The Head of State emphasized that his current visit to the USA is historic in bilateral relations between Ukraine and America.

"During 300 days of this war, we have really begun a new stage in our relations - Ukraine and the USA - we have reached the level of real alliance, which is 100% filled with real content. I felt it today in all my meetings, in all our negotiations. I want to thank Mr. President Biden once again for his sincere support and, most importantly, his understanding of Ukraine. And also for building and maintaining an international coalition to strengthen the international legal order," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

He also thanked the American leader for personal efforts and wise steps that unite the world community around the protection of international law, peaceful cooperation and mutual understanding, which is useful not only for Ukraine and the USA, but also for all countries of the world.

"I know that American leadership will remain strong and globally tangible. The United States will stand up for our shared values, the values of freedom. And I believe that despite any personal changes in the composition of Congress, bicameral and bipartisan support will remain. I thank everyone who works precisely for this purpose," said the Head of State.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that all meetings today concerned the issue of countering Russian terror and restoring Ukraine's destroyed infrastructure, primarily the energy sector.

"We have to get through this winter. We have to protect our people. We must and will be as specific as possible in such issues - this is a key humanitarian issue for us now. This is a matter of survival," he said.

Also, according to the President, further sanctions and legal pressure on the terrorist state were discussed during the negotiations.

"Russia must be held to account for everything it does against our state, against our people, against all of Europe and the free world," the President of Ukraine emphasized.

He also noted the importance of U.S. leadership in the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

"We're offering very specific points -- and what America can do to help fulfill them. We offer the Global Peace Formula Summit, and I am grateful to our American allies that they hear us - and feel the same way as we do how important it is to keep the initiative and look for ways to restore Ukraine's territorial integrity and international order," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

For his part, the U.S. President noted that the visit of Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Washington right now is important precisely so that the American people and the whole world hear firsthand about the help and support that Ukraine needs in 2023.

"300 days of unprovoked, unjust, large-scale attack on the people of Ukraine. For 300 days, the people of Ukraine have been showing Russia and the whole world their resilience and indomitability in the fight for their country. I will say to all the people, to all the people of Ukraine - you demonstrated your resolve and confidence in the face of the imperialist appetites of a country that thought it could conquer you, and it failed. You still endure and are fighting," Joseph Biden stated.

He noted that since the invasion of Russia, the American people and other countries have supported Ukraine by imposing sanctions and providing various aid, including humanitarian, military and financial aid. The U.S. President assured that this support will continue.

In particular, Joseph Biden emphasized that the United States and its allies are aware of the importance of helping Ukraine rebuild its energy infrastructure damaged as a result of Russia's attacks.

"Russia uses winter as a weapon. This is an example of crimes committed by Russia against the civilian population of Ukraine," the U.S. President said.

He assured President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people that the Americans will stand by them for as long as it takes.

"What you are doing, what you have achieved is important not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world. Together, we will continue to maintain the flame of democracy and this light will overcome darkness," the U.S. President assured.