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The outflow of personnel abroad can be stopped by providing decent working conditions in Ukraine, affordable lending and mortgages - President at a meeting with business in Volyn

9 July 2020 - 17:51

The outflow of personnel abroad can be stopped by providing decent working conditions in Ukraine, affordable lending and mortgages - President at a meeting with business in Volyn

During his working trip to the Volyn region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with representatives of local business.

During a conversation, the businessmen stressed the problem of qualified personnel outflow to neighboring countries and called on the state to take measures.

"No one will close the borders. This is the first point. Secondly, we can tell a lot, but until there are normal jobs, normal wages, there is nothing that can keep people here,” the President replied.

According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, it is necessary to create opportunities for people to open their business in Ukraine.

"In addition to the "5-7-9" lending program, which we are currently filling, there is also portfolio lending, which will appear in the Verkhovna Rada in the form of a bill. Our main task is to make normal lending conditions by the end of the year, which is 5-7 percent," he said.

In addition, there is an initiative for the availability of mortgages, as high interest rates on mortgages force young families to work abroad. According to the Head of State, the mortgage should be a maximum of 10%.

Businessmen also urged the state to promote Ukrainian exports. In response, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba and Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak were already looking for trade representatives to lobby Ukrainian producers abroad.

"An institute of trade representatives is being set up together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote Ukrainian business abroad," Andriy Yermak confirmed.

The issue of building an integrated transplant system in the state was raised. A plan to implement this idea can be provided by the Academy of Medical Sciences. It can be implemented in a few years, Volyn entrepreneurs stressed.

"If it is possible to build in Ukraine in two years, let's focus on this program," the President said.

Regarding the construction of roads and further development of infrastructure, the Head of State said that next year it is planned to expand the "Great Construction" program.

"As for kilometers of roads, we want to double (the construction - ed.). We will increase at least one and a half times - this is in the plans. I want even more. As for schools, kindergartens, we will at least stay at the same pace. We need more kindergartens - and we will increase (the number - ed.)," the President noted.

He also stressed that next year the program will include cultural centers, museums and castles.

Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko reminded about the presidential project "25 Magnets of Ukraine" and noted that the state and private investors are cooperating on these "magnets", including on the terms of a concession. In particular, the state deals with road infrastructure, and the investor invests in hotels, recreation centers and more. Kyrylo Tymoshenko invited local businesses to join the development of such tourist facilities.

Finally, Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on entrepreneurs to notify the head of the regional state administration and the President's Office when someone tries to put pressure on their business.

"Please call our representative in the region immediately. There is a head of the regional state administration, you have contacts with the Office of the President. Please call directly and speak. It takes time to build a transparent system. And for now I do not want to lose the white business we have in our country. Therefore, call immediately - we will solve all the issues," the President summed up.