President of Ukraine

Address by the President of Ukraine at the Second Plenary Session of the Global Peace Summit

16 June 2024 - 16:21

Address by the President of Ukraine at the Second Plenary Session of the Global Peace Summit

Ladies and gentlemen!

Today the world sees that real diplomacy is not just about words, it is about steps – steps that need to be taken to fix a situation.

We have begun to develop such steps, and this is the practical meaning of the Peace Summit. 

So, the format of the Summit is absolutely working, and I thank you all for that.

Dear colleagues!

All those present!

Now we see that we all made the right choice – the choice of two security and one humanitarian points to start moving towards the restoration of full security and a just peace. The panel on radiation and nuclear safety, the panel on food security and the humanitarian panel dedicated to the release of prisoners and deportees, including thousands of children abducted by Russia from the occupied territory of Ukraine – this dialogue has taken place, and it is obvious that it can result in absolutely practical steps.

We are all worldwide equally interested to ensure that there is no danger to nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities. I am grateful to the participants of the Peace Summit for fully understanding this and recognizing the need to restore full security to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which was captured by Russian troops and turned into a foothold for war. I would also like to thank every leader and every country that supports our efforts to secure maritime navigation and preserve the free flow of food. I want to emphasize that food security is critical not only for the countries of the Global South, but literally for every country in the world, because it determines the price of life, and any catastrophic disruption of the food market is a direct path to chaos. Unfortunately, Russia has too often tried to push the world down this road to destabilization and chaos, and so now we all need to unite as much as possible to guarantee every family in the world, every person the right to food and protection from price chaos. And the third point – I am especially grateful for this – there was a panel on the release of people who are now in Russian captivity. We are talking about a significant number of people, and we must bring each and every one of them home. Civilian hostages of Russia, children who were kidnapped from our land and scattered across the territory of Russia, and of course warriors. Every day in captivity is terrible, and we have to free thousands of people who have had years of their lives taken away, who are being tortured, who are being lied to – who are told that no one is waiting for them… Imagine what a personal catastrophe this is for each such person, for each such child in captivity. We have to free them. All of them.

So, President Pavel and all the participants of the panel on nuclear safety – thank you. President Ruto and all the panelists on food security – thank you. Prime Minister Trudeau and all the participants of the humanitarian panel on the release of people from captivity – thank you all.

I hope that we can achieve results as soon as possible. 

And it is exactly these and other similar practical steps to restore security and peace that will prove to everyone in the world that the UN Charter can be restored to full effectiveness – all the principles and purposes of the UN Charter.

Thank you very much!

Glory to Ukraine!