President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a decree establishing the Council on Freedom of Speech and Protection of Journalists

6 November 2019 - 15:17

Volodymyr Zelenskyy commissioned to establish the Council on Freedom of Speech and Protection of Journalists under the President of Ukraine and approved its composition.

According to Decree № 808/2019 of November 6, the Council was established to ensure the observance of the constitutional right to freedom of speech, establish effective interaction of state bodies, mass media and civil society institutions, in particular, prevent obstruction of legal professional activity of journalists.

With this decree, the President also approved the Regulation on the Council on Freedom of Speech and Protection of Journalists.

Under the Regulation, the Council is an advisory body to the President of Ukraine. Its main tasks are to formulate proposals for the protection of the information space in the interests of information security of Ukraine, ensure the exercise of citizens' rights to freedom of speech and obtain objective, reliable information, as well as ensure guarantees of legal professional activity of journalists.

The Council analyzes information legislation and develops proposals for its improvement; monitors the state of protection of journalists' professional activity and freedom of speech in Ukraine, adherence to journalistic standards, submits proposals to strengthen guarantees of legal activity of journalists.

The Council may also develop measures for the constructive interaction of government bodies, civil society institutions and media on the issues of freedom of speech and the activities of journalists.

In addition, it monitors the information space, forms proposals to address topical issues of information security of Ukraine.

The Council on Freedom of Speech and Protection of Journalists is composed of a secretary who organizes its activities and chairs its meetings, and other members of the Council. They are involved in the work of the Council on a public basis. The Council's staff shall be approved by the President.

The members of the Council participate in its work personally, without the right to delegate the powers to attend the meetings and the right to vote to other members of the Council or to other persons.

The meeting of the Council shall be quorate provided that more than half of its members is present. Decisions are taken by a majority vote of the members of the Council through a personal open vote. In the event of an even distribution of votes, the vote of the Secretary of the Council is decisive.