President of Ukraine

Statement of the co-chairs (Malta | Ukraine) on results of the meeting regarding key principles of peace for Ukraine

29 October 2023 - 16:50

Malta, 28th of October, 2023

Today in Malta international consultations on key principles of peace for Ukraine took place.

The consultations included in-person and online participation of national security advisors and foreign policy advisors from 66 countries and international organizations.

The consultations are a continuation of the recent meetings of Ukraine and other partners in Copenhagen on 24th June 2023 and Jeddah on 5th August 2023.

Ukraine continues to suffer from Russia’s ongoing war of aggression. During this open and constructive meeting, participants discussed the key principles on which a comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine should be reached and built.

Achieving such a peace for Ukraine would be a significant contribution to strengthening international peace and security. Peace must be based on the principles of the UN Charter, respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the relevant resolutions of the UN General Assembly and international law.

After the meeting in Jeddah in August 2023, Ukraine along with ambassadors accredited to Ukraine and invited experts had established working groups on aspects of peace.

At the high-level meeting in Malta the parties explored the following areas for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace: "Nuclear and radiation safety", "Food security", "Energy security", "Release of all prisoners and deported persons" and "Restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine".

The initiative to hold the inaugural Global Peace Summit on the level of the heads of state and government was discussed, and the parties intend to take the necessary steps to prepare well before to this event.

The participants expressed deep gratitude to the Republic of Malta for its hospitality and organization of the third round of consultations on the key principles of peace.

National security advisors and foreign policy advisors will continue to work closely together to ensure the broadest possible international support for a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine and the world.