President of Ukraine

Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the latest decisions of the National Security and Defense Council and strengthening of quarantine in some regions

19 March 2021 - 21:11

Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the latest decisions of the National Security and Defense Council and strengthening of quarantine in some regions

Fellow citizens!

A regular meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took place today. We continue to restore justice where someone believed that his personal financial appetites could be stronger than the interests of the state and the people of Ukraine, and that his own pockets were more important than the state treasury.

Based on proposals made by the Security Service of Ukraine, personal economic sanctions were applied, including blocking assets, restricting trade and transit of resources, as well as revoking and suspending licenses and special permits for the use and extraction of subsoil in Ukraine against 19 companies. Which, according to law enforcement officers, received these licenses at a reduced price, causing great losses to the state.

And which, according to the secret services, are probably connected with a citizen of the aggressor state.

According to the Constitution, subsoil is the property of the entire people of Ukraine.

The days when there was a list of surnames that were considered the Ukrainian people and could own and use the subsoil are over. In this context, I would like to announce that we will soon propose a mechanism for the implementation of one of my election promises, namely the economic passport of a Ukrainian. According to this passport, all children born in Ukraine, up to the age of 18, will be able to receive funds from the use and extraction of subsoil of Ukraine, which will be accumulated on their personal deposit account in the bank, and after reaching adulthood can be spent by them for higher education in Ukraine.

In addition, the National Security and Defense Council supported the proposals of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Security Service to apply personal sanctions, including blocking all assets and property, preventing the withdrawal of capital outside Ukraine, deprivation of all state awards, for such persons: Mykola Azarov, Serhiy Aksyonov, Kostiantyn Zatulin, Vadym Kolesnichenko, Serhiy Kurchenko, Serhiy Kusyuk, Pavlo Lebedyev, Leonid Pasichnyk, Natalia Poklonska, Viktor Pshonka, Dmytro Tabachnyk, Viktor Yanukovych and others - a total of 27 people.

We expect and support the imposition of sanctions on individuals by Europe, the United States or other international partners, so this decision of the National Security and Defense Council can be described in two words - logical. And strange. It is logical that Ukraine also imposes such sanctions. And it is strange that it has not been done since 2014.

Also about the last person on the list - Mr. Yanukovych.

Given the decision of the court, which found him guilty of treason, all his decrees during his tenure as President will be audited and analyzed as regards the decisions that may threaten the security and interests of Ukraine.

I will say a few words about issues that were not discussed at the National Security and Defense Council today, but also concern the safety of Ukrainians. Safety of their health, safety of their well-being and economy. Today, in some regions, according to their powers, local authorities impose increased quarantine based on the decision of the commissions on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies.

At the same time, in my opinion, all these measures cannot be implemented by them in the format "there is a ban, there is no support", or, if you like, under the principle "there’s no money, but you hold on".

In January of this year, in parallel with the introduction of lockdown in Ukraine, on my behalf, the government prepared a wide range of support: direct financial assistance to people and businesses, child benefits, partial unemployment benefits, tax holidays and a number of other incentives.

It is logical that local authorities should think about various forms of support when introducing a lockdown on the ground. And to develop a set of measures of support along with the strengthening of quarantine. Support for those categories of citizens and businesses in their region who will suffer due to the restrictions of the so-called red zone.

I am waiting for the relevant proposals from the local authorities to consider and approve them at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine next week. In addition to the amount of assistance proposed to local budgets for citizens and businesses affected by the lockdown, the central government will add one hundred percent, thus doubling the amount of support for people and businesses.

In order to provide assistance as transparently as possible, and most importantly - quickly, it must be provided through the Diia portal and mobile app, which has already successfully proved itself at the national level in January this year.

In addition, I ask the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to be ready to approve as soon as possible all the changes that will be necessary to implement the proposals of local authorities and the government.

Once again, I call on all government officials of all levels to act together. I also call on citizens to be vigilant and to adhere to safety measures. Take care of yourself. Your loved ones. And our Ukraine. 36.6 to everyone!