President of Ukraine

President’s statement: Ukraine will never recognize show trial of Nadiya Savchenko

22 March 2016 - 16:08

President’s statement: Ukraine will never recognize show trial of Nadiya Savchenko

Too bad. The world hasn’t seen anything even remotely resembling a court in the process against Nadiya Savchenko.

It was a shameful show trial organized by the country-aggressor against the Ukrainian Officer who defended her land from enemy’s encroachment.

Ukraine will never recognize either this show trial or their so-called sentence, absurdity and cruelty of which proves that Russian justice has returned to the period of Stalin-Vyshinsky.

Both Ukrainian and international personal sanctions must be imposed against everyone involved in prosecution of Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian citizens, Ukrainian patriots-hostages illegally tortured in Russian territory.

The whole world supports us in the battle for Nadiya’s liberation. From now on, this struggle enters the final stage.

I do not only hope that Nadiya Savchenko will return to Ukraine. I am doing everything possible and impossible for that.

In the course of the meetings at the highest level in the Normandy format, I have repeatedly raised the issue of liberation of Nadiya and other Ukrainian hostages. And I have received support from other participants of the format. President Putin said that he would return Nadiya Savchenko to Ukraine after the so-called court decision.

Now it is the time to fulfill that promise.

In my turn, I am ready to convey two Russian servicemen detained in our territory for their participation in the armed aggression against Ukraine. Judicial inquiry of their cases is on the final stage. Immediately after its completion, I am ready to ensure their transportation to the Russian Federation through appropriate procedures.

Such an approach corresponds to item 6 of the Minsk agreements – exchange all for all. This should be done immediately.

Today, the entire Ukraine is together with Nadiya, her mother Mariya Ivanivna and sister Vira.

I believe that our common efforts will be successful. And the Hero of Ukraine, people’s deputy of Ukraine, officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will come back home. We are waiting for her.

Glory to Ukraine!