President of Ukraine

Helping one another, we will get through this winter and Russia's attempt to use the cold against people - address by the President of Ukraine

27 November 2022 - 22:08

Helping one another, we will get through this winter and Russia's attempt to use the cold against people - address by the President of Ukraine

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Another week of full-scale war is coming to an end - a week in which we accomplished a lot. All together. Thanks to our unity.

After the massive terrorist attack last Wednesday, we have been restoring electricity generation and supply day after day.

As of today, in most regions of the country, only stabilization schedules of shutdowns are in effect. The situation is under control by the energy workers.

And for that, I am thankful to the thousands of people who worked round the clock all over our state to restore light, water, heat and communication. I thank all the employees of energy companies, utility services, repair crews, regional authorities and leaders of local communities who helped. I would also like to thank the businesses that participated.

Ukrainian unity again and again demonstrates its strength, demonstrates our effectiveness.

I thank all Ukrainian entrepreneurs who are now making their offices, branches, cafes and other facilities new Points of Invincibility. Who do everything to help people.

We understand that terrorists are preparing new strikes. We know that for sure. And as long as they have missiles, they won’t stop, unfortunately.

But our ability to help each other and take care of the most vulnerable - the elderly, families with children, those who lost homes and relatives in the war - our mutual assistance is one of the elements of protection against terror and our strength.

The upcoming week can be as hard as the one that passes. Our Defense Forces are preparing. The whole state is preparing. We work out all scenarios, including with our partners.

And our unity must be ready. So please do not leave without help those whom you can help. And please pay attention to the air alerts during the week.

Together and helping each other we will pass this challenge of war as well: this winter, this Russia's attempt to use the cold against people.

The situation at the front remains very difficult. And most of all - in the Donetsk region, as in previous weeks.

I want to thank all our warriors, all our heroes for their resilience today!

To endure now and defend ourselves now is to endure and defend ourselves for generations to come for all Ukrainians throughout our beautiful land.

We are doing and will do everything possible to strengthen our defense. We are doing and will do everything to hold Russia accountable for this war, for this terror.

And in order to achieve these results, there will be new important steps in the upcoming week.

I thank all our partners who help us! I am grateful to every leader who perceives the defense of Ukraine as the defense of freedom and security for his country as well!

Together we will endure everything. I'm sure of that!

Glory to Ukraine!