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Estonia can rest assured that the victory of Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation will be a guarantee of a historic outcome for all the nations of Europe – Volodymyr Zelenskyy after talks with Kaja Kallas in Zhytomyr

24 April 2023 - 16:21

Estonia can rest assured that the victory of Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation will be a guarantee of a historic outcome for all the nations of Europe – Volodymyr Zelenskyy after talks with Kaja Kallas in Zhytomyr

During a working trip to the Zhytomyr region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia Kaja Kallas, who arrived in our country on a visit.

Welcoming the head of the Estonian government to Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that Kaja Kallas is a true leader and defender of our common European freedom.

"If each of the leaders and each of the states had been as conscientious about protecting our common freedom on the continent, Russia's aggression would have already suffered an obvious defeat," the President said during a conversation with media representatives following the talks with Kaja Kallas in Zhytomyr.

The Head of State expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and the entire Estonian people for the sincere and extremely timely support of Ukraine's defense.

"On a per capita basis, Estonia‘s defense assistance for us is one of the largest in the world.. Ukraine appreciates every piece of weaponry that Estonia has given us. I would especially like to note Estonia's decision to transfer all of its 122-mm and 155-mm howitzers. I thank Estonia and you personally, Prime Minister, for the initiative on joint European direct procurement of weapons and ammunition, which envisages the provision of one million 155-mm shells to Ukraine by EU members," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

He also thanked Estonia for its assistance in the treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation of Ukrainian warriors after they were injured on the battlefield. In addition, Estonia has already provided the third military mobile hospital for prompt medical assistance at the front.

The President of Ukraine praised cooperation with Estonia in cybersecurity.

"Ukrainians will always remember how important your support has become. Estonia can rest assured that our Ukrainian victory in this war will be a reliable guarantee of a historic outcome for all the nations of Europe, including the Estonian people. After our victory, Russian revanchism will never again break the life of any person in Europe," the Head of State emphasized.

During the talks, the interlocutors focused on strengthening Ukraine's capabilities on the frontline.

"It is important for all our partners to be as decisive and fast as possible in delivering the promised assistance, especially weapons. So that we can speed up the end of this war as much as possible - liberate our land and restore the full force of international law," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The parties also discussed political cooperation and Ukraine's progress towards full membership in the European Union and NATO.

"Today we discussed our expectations from the NATO Summit in Vilnius. Now is the time when the Alliance needs ambitious decisions. Reliable security in Europe can only be based on full certainty in the relations on NATO's eastern flank, especially in the relations between Ukraine and NATO. We need a positive political decision of the Alliance on Ukraine's accession, and I am grateful to Estonia for supporting such a strengthening of NATO and for fixing our common goal in the declaration we signed," the President noted.

During the meeting, they also discussed the restoration of Ukraine. According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Estonia became the first country to begin the practical restoration of the Ukrainian region – Zhytomyr region. This can be an example for other partners.

"I am confident that we will do a lot together. Today, I have raised the issue of structuring the reconstruction assistance, in particular, the establishment of an appropriate representative office here in the Zhytomyr region," the Head of State said.

He also expressed gratitude to Estonia for its principled position in strengthening sanctions for Russia's aggression and in bringing the terrorist state to justice for what it has done in Ukraine.

The President awarded Kaja Kallas with the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, II degree, for outstanding personal merits in strengthening Ukrainian-Estonian interstate cooperation, support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"It is an honor for me today to present you with a special award on behalf of all Ukrainians - the Order of Yaroslav the Wise. Thank you for the fact that Ukraine creates a new history of Europe together with your people, your state," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

For her part, Kaja Kallas thanked the Head of State and the entire Ukrainian people for the recognition. She noted that her first foreign visit as head of the Estonian government to Ukraine symbolizes Estonia's support for the Ukrainian people.

"As you rightly pointed out, freedom must overcome tyranny - this is our common task and our number one focus," she emphasized.

The Estonian Prime Minister emphasized that assistance with weapons, ammunition, and training for the Ukrainian military should continue on a sufficient scale to ensure that Ukraine wins this war.

"That is why I proposed to the European Union a joint purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine to send them directly. The decision was made in March, and now we need to make sure that it is properly implemented," Kaja Kallas added.

The Prime Minister noted that last week the Estonian government approved a decision to send artillery shells to Ukraine and expressed hope that other EU countries would soon do the same.

"We believe in your victory. We believe in a prosperous Ukraine with liberal democracy, a free market economy and a membership in the Euro-Atlantic community. Your struggle, your sacrifices have clearly shown that the way to peace is to eliminate gray areas in European security," she said.

"For peace in Europe, we need Ukraine in the European Union and in NATO. And this is also the message of the joint declaration we have just signed," the Estonian Prime Minister said.

She also emphasized that Russian leaders and perpetrators must be held accountable for the crime of aggression against Ukraine and the illegal deportation of our citizens.

Kaja Kallas expressed her gratitude for the invitation to visit the Zhytomyr region, which will be Estonia's focus in reconstruction. The facilities being restored with the help of Estonia include a kindergarten in Ovruch and a number of other social and infrastructure facilities.

The head of the Estonian government expressed hope that reconstruction, along with reforms and European integration, would create opportunities for rapid economic growth and enable Ukraine to become one of the most successful economies in Europe.


Working trip of the President of Ukraine to the Zhytomyr region and the meeting with the Prime Minister of Estonia

24 April 2023 - 16:21