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Head of State: Thanks to the "Large Construction" program, 190,000 jobs have been saved

22 February 2021 - 14:52

Head of State: Thanks to the

The implementation of the National “Large Construction” Program helped save about 190,000 jobs in Ukraine during the restrictive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during an interview for Ukrainian TV channels in the framework of the All-Ukrainian Forum "Ukraine 30. Infrastructure".

The Head of State noted that the "Large Construction" program concerns not only the construction of infrastructure facilities. It provided jobs for a large number of specialists from related fields and professions, in particular during the COVID-19 crisis, when even in European countries the number of jobs decreased and unemployment increased.

"We have calculated these programs - if we stop them completely, we will lose about 190,000 jobs, plus what society has already lost," the President said.

The Head of State stressed that schools, stadiums and kindergartens are being built in the regions in the framework of the “Large Construction” program. According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, this is a big program, which should not be limited to the construction of roads.

He also noted that a significant part of the program is the reconstruction or construction of new ER departments from scratch, which helped in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, during the greatest shortage of protective equipment for physicians and hospitals, the team of "Large Construction" helped meet their needs.

The President added that the funds received by Ukraine from Russia's Gazprom as a result of the Stockholm Arbitration were used to finance the “Large Construction” program.


Participation in the All-Ukrainian Forum "Ukraine 30. Infrastructure"

22 February 2021 - 11:56