President of Ukraine

History teaches us that Ukraine must have a strong army to survive - President in Chernihiv region

13 March 2019 - 14:48

History teaches us that Ukraine must have a strong army to survive - President in Chernihiv region

During a speech at the meeting of the Regional Development Council in Chernihiv region, President Petro Poroshenko emphasized the importance of supporting the Ukrainian army as a guarantee of Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. He stressed that over the past five years he had managed to create a modern, combat-capable, one of the best armies in Europe.

“Both ancient and new history teach us that Ukraine must have a strong army to survive. The army is not an attribute, but a guarantee of statehood. The army is the guarantor of our independence, not the papers of memorandums. Today we know this clearly and rely on one of the most powerful armies in Europe,” the President said. The Head of State stressed that the army had been created not restored.

"They say that we restored it. No. We created it. Together with you. And low bow to you for our joint work. Congratulations on this result," the President said. "For me, the army and the security of the state are definitely a priority," he added.

"Russian aggression once again reminded of this truth, forgotten by the statesmen after independence. You remember the times when the army was robbed, destroyed and liquidated… And in 2014, the President faced a huge responsibility when we had to heal the wounded servicemen in mobile hospitals, in tents,” the President said.

"In an unprecedentedly short time, we have resurrected the army. The Ukrainian army is one of the best armies in the continent, and our allies learn our experience of victories in the hybrid warfare," the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces emphasized.

The President stressed that the strength of the army was increasing day by day - the Ukrainian army receives new weapons of Ukrainian production, samples of modern weapons and military equipment from the partner countries of Ukraine, in particular Turkish UAVs, which will be tested by the Ukrainian military in the near future.

"We increase the security and salary of our soldiers and officers. It is prestigious again to be a military. Thousands and thousands of boys and girls associate their future with the army," the Head of State emphasized.

"The army liberated two-thirds of Donbas, stopped the enemy and firmly holds the line on the eastern borders. We now have the real guarantees of our independence - our warriors, armed and trained in the liberation struggle, modern weapons, which we didn’t have before. And the most important guarantee of the force of Ukrainian weapons is the nationwide support of the army," the President emphasized.