President of Ukraine

Coronavirus, payments to doctors and local elections: address by the President of Ukraine to the citizens

6 May 2020 - 19:48

Coronavirus, payments to doctors and local elections: address by the President of Ukraine to the citizens

I wish you good health, fellow Ukrainians!

I'll start with the good news - every day the number of people recovering from coronavirus is steadily growing. This is a positive trend that gives optimism. At the same time, if we want to preserve all this, we must not relax, we must exit quarantine in a disciplined manner and in accordance with a step-by-step plan. Let me remind you that the first quarantine mitigation will take place in five days.

Then the news will not be very pleasant. Fortunately, they are unpleasant not for all Ukrainians, but only for some heads of regional state administrations. Back in mid-April, the government transferred funds to pay supplements to our doctors who fight coronavirus. However, in some regions there are cases when these funds were not paid. I understand that this address can be watched by children, and, unfortunately, I cannot say all the words that these individual officials deserve.

Such treatment of Ukrainian doctors is unacceptable.

I instruct all heads of regional state administrations to pay off their debts to doctors in the coming days. Next week, we will receive complete information on each hospital and each health worker regarding their salaries and supplements. In the regions with non-payment, the heads of regional state administrations will at least be deprived of salaries, and possibly deprived of their positions.

Then a few words about politics, but also, so to speak, in the context of medicine. The fact is that the virus, which has been with some political parties for the last 28 years, has been activated. This virus is called "trickery".

Realizing their meager chances in local elections, some parties are trying to change the law and set contrived barriers for regional parties. Thus, old politicians want to "sneak" into the local authorities, despite the political will of the region's residents. In fact, they are trying to deprive small parties and non-partisan citizens of the opportunity to change their region for the better.

I will not allow this. The right to be elected is a constitutional right of every citizen of Ukraine, and the President is the guarantor of this right.

Therefore, there will be no "two thirds", "five percent" or other "schemes".

This is the position of both me and the “Servant of the People” party. I can say only one thing to old politicians. If you do not have support in some region of our country, then you need to change your actions, not the election law.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our courageous Ukrainian infantry on their professional holiday - Infantry Day. Today is also the Day of St. Yuriy Zmeeborets - one of the patrons of our army. Let him protect you and help you overcome all the "vipers".

And I wish good health and traditional 36.6 to all Ukrainians!

Take care of ourselves! Save Ukraine!