President of Ukraine

We must be united just as our common victory demands – address of the President of Ukraine to the G7 leaders

24 February 2024 - 19:26

We must be united just as our common victory demands – address of the President of Ukraine to the G7 leaders

Dear colleagues!

First, I want to thank you on behalf of all Ukrainians for the vital support for our nation and people. Thanks to our cooperation, millions in Ukraine and in neighboring countries around Russia can feel that their homeland will not become Putin’s backyard.

We started this way together two years ago, not sure what challenges would lie-ahead. But now, we can clearly say that our leadership is sufficient to restore security. When the world's leading democracies are truly determined, this determination overcomes all challenges.

We have already achieved much – and the world feels that Putin can lose this war. And when he loses, it will mean that not just someone wins, but the entire global community of nations – and international law as such – will prevail. We must ensure this.

Please remember that imperial ambitions and revanchism can be defeated only together with those infected by them, and this is what opens the space for true security and the development of democracy. We hear now – “history is watching,” – and this is absolutely true.

I thank you for these two years together. That terrible day of February 24th and the horror brought by Russia, still did not deprive Ukraine of a normal future. We stood against the strikes. We are reclaiming what belongs to us, and will certainly make the Putin-system pay the proper price for every Russian evil.

But we must be decisive – exactly as necessary for our common success. We must keep the principle – just so that justice wins. We must be active and tireless exactly as what it takes to protect as many human lives as possible. And we must be united just as our victory demands – our common victory.

Georgia, I am grateful to you for this joint format today. I wish Italy a productive presidency in the Group of Seven. I am confident – this year we will not only implement every agreement already reached, but also add to our cooperation. Ursula, Madam President; Justin, Mr. Prime Minister; Charles, Mr. President; Olaf, Mr. Chancellor; Rishi, Mr. Prime Minister; Prime Minister Kishida; and of course, President Biden; and Minister Sejourne and all of France – I thank each of you for your leadership, for your engagement and for making the world keep the trust in you.

You know very well all we need to keep our sky protected; to strengthen our military on the land; and you know all we need to sustain and continue our success in the sea; and you know perfectly well that we need all this in time. We count on you.

Thank you!

Cлава Україні!