President of Ukraine

We must remain principled in countering Russian aggression, joint action is true peacekeeping - speech by the President of Ukraine at the annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

21 November 2022 - 16:53

We must remain principled in countering Russian aggression, joint action is true peacekeeping - speech by the President of Ukraine at the annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Dear Mr. President of the Assembly!

Dear attendees!

Dear representatives of Spain and all other countries of the Alliance!

Dear friends!

I am glad to see you and thank you for all the kind words that have just been spoken and will be spoken in the Assembly in our support - in support of the struggle for freedom.

Today, Ukraine marks the ninth anniversary of the beginning of Maidan - the Revolution of Dignity. In those months of 2013-2014, when Ukrainians in the squares and streets of our cities defended the right to European choice for our state, an important thing happened for our entire community - a community of nations united by the values of freedom, respect for law, democracy and diversity.

Ukrainians filled with a powerful life force what many began to think was just a bureaucratic formality. Ukrainians and all people in Europe, in America, in the world, who supported us and continue to support us, filled the flag of the European Union with new energy. And in fact, with the way we defend freedom in Ukraine, we united both the European Union and NATO. We showed the commonality of challenges and proved the commonality of values.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Although Ukraine has not yet become a full-fledged part of the EU and NATO, I am addressing you on behalf of the people who have always been, are and will be part of the valuable space to which you all belong. History brought us to different sides of ideological walls. But the walls fell, and our values are all preserved.

And not only me, but millions of our people and the majority of citizens of your states support the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Now, when we are defending European values ​​not in the squares and streets, but on the battlefield in a full-scale war, it is absolutely obvious how unfair and unnatural Ukraine's alienation from Europe was. We will not leave a single percent of that alienation.

I urge you to do everything in your power so that our community of nations - nations of values - will never again be divided or weakened!

All of you see what endangers us. All of us! All who cannot imagine their life without freedom. All of you can see Ukraine’s significant contribution to the protection of our community. Everyone sees how important it is that we really united in defense after February 24.

So, due to this, you also see that Ukraine should become a full member of the European Union and NATO. And I urge you to support our applications for membership in the EU and the Alliance!

Ukrainians do not just believe - Ukrainians are sure that we can defend ourselves in this war and return the borders of a united Europe to the entire length of our eastern and southern borders. Ukrainians do not just believe - Ukrainians know that the strength of our democracy will be a guarantee that no tyranny to the east of us will be able to threaten Europe.

But in order to realize all these years, to realize all this, we have to use all the strength of our community, all the potential of our cooperation in order to  gradually stop this terrorist Russian war and restore peace.

That is why I proposed the Ukrainian Peace Formula. All points of our Peace Formula are beyond doubt.

Every nation in our community is interested in ensuring that no dangerous incidents occur at nuclear facilities. We all want Russian terrorists to no longer be able to take people's lives. Each of our states needs guaranteed protection against any Russian missiles and any sabotage against infrastructure facilities. We are all interested in the stability of energy, food and other markets. We all strive for international law to retain its force and actually work. Each of us considers it fair that those guilty of war crimes, deportations and any manifestations of genocidal policy should be brought to justice. We all wish there would be no burnt cities and ruins instead of a normal life anywhere in Europe.

All this is ensured by the Ukrainian Peace Formula, which, without being mistaken, can be called both the European peace formula and the world peace formula, as it is built on respect and protection of universal human values, on international law. From nuclear safety to the restoration of our territorial integrity, from the Tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine to countering ecocide - everything is envisaged in our Formula.

Dear friends!

I suggest that you and your countries choose the point of the peace formula in which you can show your leadership. Joint action is what constitutes true peacemaking.

And while we concentrate our forces to implement this Formula, we must maintain one hundred percent principled position in countering Russian aggression. Russia has bet on a genocidal policy, and that is why it is destroying our energy infrastructure. To "kill" electricity, water and heat supply in winter - and this is Russia's goal - is to put the lives of millions of people in direct danger. This is equivalent to the use of weapons of mass destruction - an absolute crime.

Therefore, it will be right if you in your parliaments designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, as the parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic have done. It will be right if your countries constantly strengthen sanctions against Russia, which has become the complete opposite of our community and the most anti-European power in the world. It is the constant strengthening of sanctions that will not allow the terrorist state to adapt and find new ways of ensuring its terror. A new, ninth sanctions package of the European Union is needed, new world sanctions against Russia for terror - immediately after limiting export prices for Russian energy resources.

It will be right if we prevent Russia's key terrorist plan and provide Ukraine with full protection of the sky. When Russian missiles, Iranian drones, and any other instruments of terror fail to reach their intended targets, Russia will have to do what we need, namely, follow our Peace Formula.

We can ensure this! But for this, Ukraine needs to be provided with a sufficient number and quality of air defense and missile defense systems. With a sufficient weight of defense and financial support. The terrorist state must see that it stands no chance.

Since 2013 and until today, Ukrainians, with the support of our friends, have demonstrated that nothing is impossible for us when we are truly united and defend our unconditional values. So, let's maintain our unity! And let’s fight for freedom!

I thank all of you for your support!

Long live freedom!

Glory to Ukraine!