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We finally learned to defend the country and its citizens - President met with journalist Arkady Babchenko

30 May 2018 - 21:34

We finally learned to defend the country and its citizens - President met with journalist Arkady Babchenko

President Petro Poroshenko met with journalist Arkady Babchenko, an attempt upon the life of which has been revealed by the Security Service of Ukraine. The meeting was attended by Head of the Security Service Vasyl Hrytsak and Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

The Head of State called the successful operation of the Security Service and the rescue of the journalist the third birthday of Arkady, as well as "the birthday of the large 45-million nation that passed the exam on statehood".

"We finally learned to defend. Defend the country, defend its citizens and do it with extraordinary professional efforts of the new Security Service, which is capable of passing the exams of any complexity," he said.

"I was proud today that I am the President of such a nation. Not only the editorial offices were worried about you, not only media and television - I saw how people were crying today and were happy when they heard the news during the joint press conference of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General. They were happy as if for themselves," Petro Poroshenko said, noting that, despite the given exam was not passed by some individuals, it is important that "it was passed by the nation".

"I want to thank all Ukrainians who were not indifferent, who were ready to fight and act in order to save the country," he said, noting that the attack on a journalist was organized from the territory of the Russian Federation by a person who "owns a huge arsenal of weapons, can create arms dumps and organize terrorist acts".

The Head of State expressed his firm belief that such attacks are being carried out to destabilize the situation in the country: "In order to show the ineffectiveness of the authorities. And, of course, in order to kill those whom Russia is most afraid of”.

"I once again congratulate you on the fact that to date, this operation has been successful and we have not allowed them to implement this scenario," Petro Poroshenko addressed the journalist. He told Arkady Babchenko that he had instructed the Head of the Security Service to arrange round-the-clock security for him and his family. "Because Moscow will not calm down. I, like you, have no illusions about this," the President added.

The Head of State described the operation of the Security Service aimed to save the journalist and prevent a significant number of terrorist attacks planned by the same people not only successful, but also brilliant, as they managed to avoid the leak of information. Petro Poroshenko also said that he had instructed to award the officers who had carried out the special operation.

"But the principled position is now to complete the investigation, to get information not only about the organizer, but also about the customers who will try to continue these actions against Ukraine," he said.

Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko told the Head of State that investigatory actions were under way. "It is very important for us to get all the information about the customers. Previously, we have some evidence that the customer is most likely on the territory of Russia - this is obvious for investigators, for procedural executives. Moreover, 2.5 hours before our press conference, the FSS chief broke down and gave a comment, which once again proves the entire cynicism of the Russian system," he said.

"Indeed, the Security Service did not learn to do this today. The disclosure of the murder of Voronenkov, which we jointly carried out, the attempt upon the life of people’s deputy Mosiychuk, a series of terrorist attacks that took place on the Maidan's anniversary during certain street protests - all this shows how Ukraine's law-enforcement system has learned to defend the country and people. More precisely - people and the country. We are all very happy for another birthday of Arkady," Yuriy Lutsenko said, expressing conviction that "now is the most important moment when we have the organizer and have to receive very specific testimony".

The President thanked Yuriy Lutsenko for a brilliant organization of work. "It was extremely important. We passed an exam today - we can, we learned. It was not possible three or four years ago. And I can confirm it. Today everyone fought as if for his own," he said.

Arkady Babchenko noted that his credit in the operation is rather small. "We worked, that’s it. I want to say that I was informed about it a month ago and this month I saw how people work. I saw them "scratching" - we were constantly in touch. And these guys who work "on the ground" - they were constantly coming, we talked about details and worked. They are truly worthy of respect," the journalist said.

"People really worked and for that I would like to thank them. I am grateful to the Security Service for saving my life. But it's still not as important as the fact that they prevented larger terrorist attacks, because they wanted to do something more. The FSS is working, the FSS comes in, the money goes here and the hybrid war is being waged. And this, of course, should not be underestimated," the journalist also emphasized.

The Head of the Security Service thanked the President for his appreciation of the work of the staff of the Service. He also thanked Arkady Babchenko and his family who courageously endured several difficult weeks in life.

Arkady Babchenko also expressed conviction that such operations are needed so that people and the world finally begin to understand what Putin’s regime is. "Thank God that everything has come to the end. The fact that I am sitting here now and that I am alive is all the merit of the Security Service. After all, if there had been no such special operation, they would have killed me and this is obvious. Friends, let's finally understand who we are dealing with. Let's finally understand what Putin's Russia is in 2018, 2014, and 2020, and 2025. Let's finally understand. Thank God that the West is beginning to understand," he added.