President of Ukraine

We will return freedom to Crimea and make the peninsula one of the most comfortable places in Europe - address by the President of Ukraine

4 September 2022 - 22:20

We will return freedom to Crimea and make the peninsula one of the most comfortable places in Europe - address by the President of Ukraine


Today is the anniversary of the detention of the first deputy chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Nariman Celâl, by the occupiers in Crimea. He did not commit any crimes. The only thing he annoyed the occupiers with was the defense of his people and his country – Ukraine.

Nariman Celâl took part in the work of the Crimea Platform last year. He arrived at the summit from Crimea and told the guests and participants what was really happening on the peninsula. Told about repression against all those who try to preserve their freedom and their culture. About the degradation of life in Crimea during the occupation. The Russian presence in our Crimea has turned it into one of the most dangerous and unfree places in Europe. And Mr. Celâl wanted to do everything to change this - to return normal life to Crimea, to return Ukraine.

I believe that the Ukrainian flag and free life will return to Crimea again. We will liberate all our lands, all our people.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, our intelligence, special services are already taking the necessary steps for this. These steps can be heard. And everyone can see that the occupiers have already started fleeing Crimea. This is the right choice for all of them. We will return freedom to Crimea, to all our people in Crimea, we will return freedom to qırımlılar and we will definitely make Crimea one of the best, most comfortable places in Europe. Crimea deserves it.

I held a meeting of the Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief today. Although it is Sunday, there are no days off during the war. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the commanders of operational areas and the head of intelligence delivered reports. Those were good reports.

And today I want to thank the warriors of the 63rd battalion of the 103rd territorial defense brigade who ensured the result in the Donetsk region: the settlement was liberated.

The 54th brigade in the Lysychansk-Siversk direction also took good steps, advanced and regained certain heights.

I would also like to mention the 42nd separate motorized infantry battalion - thanks to its heroic actions, two settlements in the south of our country were liberated.

I am grateful to all of you, guys!

I spoke today with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. It was, as usual, a very meaningful, very useful conversation about all the aspects of our relations.

I expressed gratitude for the support already provided and for the efforts to limit Russian excess profits from oil and gas. I called for speeding up the provision of financial aid to us, to Ukraine. New sanction steps were discussed. In particular, I believe that the eighth package of sanctions should provide for pan-European visa decisions regarding Russian citizens so that none of those involved in this war can enjoy European hospitality.

If the citizens of Russia support terror against Ukraine, against the whole of Europe, if they silently watch the genocide in Ukraine, they should not be able to use Europe for entertainment and fun. This is an important moral thing. Europe is a land of values, not Disneyland for supporters of terror. And visa restrictions will definitely demonstrate this. The free world must call the Russians to action - to action against those who started this war.

By the way, it is the same as with the gas issue. Ukraine has repeatedly warned Europe that maintaining "Nord Stream" ties with Russia will be a problem that can turn into a disaster at any moment. That's exactly what happened.

Visa omnivorousness regarding citizens of the aggressor state, financial ties with Russia, energy dependence on Russia are all things that Moscow uses against Europe.

And I am grateful to those European leaders who are aware of the level of the threat.

A very important aspect of today's conversation with Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen is the ability of the European Commission to carry out a rapid assessment as soon as we implement all its recommendations. We work every day for Ukraine's accession to the EU!

And every day we do everything to return our flag to our entire territory invaded by the occupiers. I am grateful to all our warriors who are holding and moving our positions forward! I am grateful to everyone who helps the defense of Ukraine! Together we will win!

And finally. Today I received a report that two people who were directly involved in the tragic incident in Chernihiv were detained on suspicion of committing a criminal offense. The one who gave the order to bring combat weapons to a public city event. And the one who allowed the child to take the weapon in hands. Criminal proceedings are carried out by the State Bureau of Investigation.

Once again, I warn all representatives of the authorities and law enforcement agencies on the ground: make sure that there are no combat weapons or other dangerous items at public events.

People's lives are the joint responsibility of everyone who must guarantee safety.

Glory to Ukraine!