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Mette Frederiksen's name plaque unveiled on Walk of Brave in Kyiv

6 September 2023 - 20:25

Mette Frederiksen's name plaque unveiled on Walk of Brave in Kyiv

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen, after the negotiations in Kyiv, opened a plaque dedicated to the head of the government of the Kingdom of Denmark on the Walk of the Brave in Constitution Square.

The head of the Ukrainian state reminded that the names of those who were with Ukraine and supported Ukrainian society during the difficult times of the full-scale Russian invasion are engraved on the Walk of the Brave. In particular, Frederiksen visited our country in April 2022, and at the end of January this year, together with Zelenskyy, she visited Odesa and Mykolaiv regions, the restoration of which Denmark took over.

The President said that Ukraine has held back Russian aggression thanks to its defense forces, the Ukrainian people, and our partners.

"I want to thank Mette. As the leader of her people, she was with us from the very beginning of this struggle for freedom and independence. The Prime Minister of Denmark was with us in the most difficult hours. And this is her third visit to Ukraine during this war," he added.

The Head of State said that the result of Frederiksen's visits is always concrete support for Ukraine on the battlefield, in the economy and in the humanitarian sphere.

"We initiated a tradition on the Walk of the Brave to ensure that the memory of such nations, societies and leaders who unite nations remains in history and is with us forever. And this is one of the elements of Ukraine's gratitude for Mette and the strong people of Denmark being with us from the very beginning," Zelenskyy said.


The meeting of the President of Ukraine with the Prime Minister of Denmark in Kyiv

6 September 2023 - 19:15