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Olena Zelenska: Children's Nutrition Should Be Healthy, This is What Every Recipe, Every Procurement, Every Dish Should Be About

18 April 2024 - 18:32

Olena Zelenska: Children's Nutrition Should Be Healthy, This is What Every Recipe, Every Procurement, Every Dish Should Be About

The First Lady of Ukraine took part in the presentation of a new collection of recipes for school canteens by Yevhen Klopotenko.

It was presented by the team of chef and CultFood project ideologist Yevhen Klopotenko. The collection was developed in support of the School Nutrition Reform Strategy, which is being implemented at the initiative of Olena Zelenska.

"When they say 'recipe from Klopotenko,' the whole country knows what they are talking about. I'm grateful to him for the fact that he, a famous chef, once joined the school nutrition reform. Yevhen enhanced the reform and even became its myth. For example, there is still a myth that all his recipes are mandatory. In fact, this wonderful, clear and detailed book is a help and inspiration for those who cook school lunches for children every day. It is a very cool base and a tip, but no one is forcing anyone to cook exclusively according to it," the President's wife said.

The collection includes recipes for over 600 dishes, 80 of which are lactose and gluten-free. They are from both Ukrainian and world cuisine. All recipes are in line with the requirements of the relevant Cabinet of Ministers resolution.

In addition to step-by-step recipes, it also contains flow charts, examples of serving and decoration. The dishes can be cooked using any equipment. Olena Zelenska emphasized that many chefs who have been trained in the reform's culinary hubs are already cooking according to their own recipes, taking into account local peculiarities and needs.

"The main thing that should remain unchanged for all of us is the very idea of the reform, the reason why it all started: children's nutrition should be healthy. This is what every recipe, every procurement, every dish should be about. We want to raise people with an understanding of healthy food and healthy eating habits. Ideally, a healthy generation," the First Lady emphasized.

The event was also attended by Minister of Health Viktor Liashko, Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisovyi, Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova Félix Baumann, Head of the National Association of Public Catering and Head of the School Nutrition Reform Project Office Orest Stepaniak, Chef Yevhen Klopotenko, and Head of the Office for Implementation of the Ukrainian-Swiss Project "Acting for Health" in Ukraine Halyna Maistruk.