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First Lady of Ukraine opens Ukrainian bookshelf in UNESCO library

8 November 2023 - 23:23

First Lady of Ukraine opens Ukrainian bookshelf in UNESCO library

As part of her Ukrainian Bookshelf project, First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska donated Ukrainian contemporary books to the UNESCO Library. The event was attended by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay.

The 180 Ukrainian shelves opened in 42 countries include 45 thousand books.

"The project not only preserves our language, but also amplifies it, so that Ukrainians are known about not only from the news, but also from in-depth, high-quality texts, research, and works. Perhaps culture cannot stop missiles physically. But as long as the people has its language, its literature, its true history reflected in this literature, its art and customs, this people will survive. We are already doing it," the First Lady emphasized.

Olena Zelenska and Audrey Azoulay met with French street artist Christian Guémy and saw a fresco dedicated to Ukraine that the artist was creating during the day. The fresco, painted in yellow and blue, depicts a Ukrainian girl.

Reference. Christian Guémy is a Parisian street artist better known as C215. In April and May 2022, he visited Lviv, Kyiv, Hostomel and Bucha and created a series of graffiti on buildings destroyed as a result of the Russian invasion.