President of Ukraine

Political history always goes alongside economic one, and success can be common only - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to the participants of Ukraine Virtual Investor Conference

8 June 2022 - 17:46

Political history always goes alongside economic one, and success can be common only - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to the participants of Ukraine Virtual Investor Conference

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thank you for the invitation!

Glad to be able to address you today. I know that business people will listen to me, not politicians, so I will be as specific as possible. So that both your time and my time are used to maximum advantage.

Ukraine has been subjected to an unprovoked and extremely brutal full-scale attack on our land by the Russian Federation. This war has been going on for 105 days already. And we are waging this war in such a way that, I am sure, no one has any doubts about our victory anymore.

It will definitely be achieved. And the more qualitative our cooperation is, the faster it will happen.

I offer you to consider today two horizons of cooperation with Ukraine - short-term and long-term.

Of course, you can join our success story. Join our victory. Just now. These are very simple, very transparent tools.

The first tool is our United24 platform, a special fundraising platform with which we accumulate funds to restore life after hostilities. This is demining, this is the purchase of equipment for hospitals, humanitarian support. This is very important.

Each contribution gives us the opportunity to see that Ukraine has one or another specific but true friend. Hence, we see who we will be grateful to.

The second tool is Ukraine's military bonds. Even now, during a full-scale war, we are demonstrating absolutely conscientious service of our debt. So, military bonds are a tool for you to support us in the fight for freedom and to make money. Make money for you.

But I still want to pay more attention to the long-term horizon today. To the reasons why it will be profitable for you to cooperate with Ukraine not just now, but now and for many more years to come.

I offer you to see it in the long run as they say.

What exactly are these opportunities? I will name five main ones: Europe, IT, agriculture, green energy, localization of production.

Ukraine is access to the entire market of the European Union. Duty free access. We are working to ensure the same access to the G7 markets. And this is our own market, one of the largest in our region.

Ukraine is qualified hard-working specialists, one of the best in Europe.

Ukraine is a space of digitization that gives simplicity, gives, most importantly, transparency to any relationship between person and state, between company and state. This is something you will not find today in most countries of the world.

Ukraine is an IT sector that enjoys one of the most favorable legislations in the world - a special legislative regime "Diia City". And I propose to move the headquarters of IT companies to Ukraine, to create joint service centers and R&D centers.

Ukraine is resilient institutions even during a full-scale invasion. Our banking system, finances, government agencies remain absolutely stable, working in spite of everything.

Ukraine is an agricultural sector whose global significance has already been seen by all when Russia blocked our ports. It is our agricultural sector that is key to the markets of dozens of countries. It is really profitable to develop processing in Ukraine.

Ukraine is industrial parks that provide special opportunities for any manufacturing enterprise. Huge potential in various industries, from aerospace to woodworking.

Ukraine is rich in natural resources, from natural gas to lithium ores.

And Ukraine is green energy, green fertilizers and green hydrogen. All this together is a guarantee of Europe's future energy security when we replace Russia with its dirty fossil fuels.

Ukraine is an ambitious program of post-war reconstruction, which will be the largest economic project in Europe of our time.

All of these are priorities for me, so they can become priorities for you as well. Nowhere in the world will you find all these economic factors at once. They are only here, in Ukraine, and you can already join the work with them.

And, of course, I understand that next to everything I say now, there is one word. And this is the word "war".

The war continues. But we withstood a powerful blow. We defend our territory. And we are moving towards one of the greatest military successes in Europe. We will win this war. And working with you, it will happen faster.

Political history always goes alongside economic one, and when success is possible, it can be common only - both at the state level and at the business level.

We offer you just such a success. Because we feel that our defense in this war and our work for the victory have shown everyone in the world that we really deserve success.

I invite you to cooperate! Glory to Ukraine!