President of Ukraine

Referring to one or another neighboring state cannot drown out voice of thousands of protests of own citizens – Office of President on situation in Belarus

16 August 2020 - 17:08

Interstate relations are, first of all, accuracy and balance of public statements. No matter what emotional state you are in today, relations between neighbors will definitely be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. However, today it was practically officially announced in Minsk that the Ukrainian leadership allegedly "orders" new elections in Belarus. This is not just a patently false claim. This is a deliberate mounting tension, conscious provocative behavior. For what? Or even not in this way: what does Ukraine have to do with it, if the events relate exclusively to Belarus and internal mistrust?..

Firstly, Ukraine respects both the geographical and political boundaries of each nation for sure and does not interfere in the decision making about the elections or someone's victory in them, because accuracy, patience is a sign of civilization of any nation...

Secondly, undoubtedly, referring to one or another neighboring state cannot drown out the voice of thousands of protests of own citizens. If there is no trust – and the world sees that there is no credibility at all – then this gap cannot be filled with unfair accusations against the "leadership of another country." Rather, more mistrust can be generated.

Thirdly, the official Minsk, unfortunately, has already showed, having irresponsibly released the "Wagner" fighters, that the historical closeness between our two nations and the principle of mutual assistance of neighbors is worth nothing for it. This, by the way, is the choice of the state that unambiguously speaks of its internal values. Let's leave this question rhetorical.

The only thing it is worth saying to the Belarusian state is to respect the right of its fellow citizens to life, health and freedom, and to political maturity... Not only the future of Belarus, but also the future of many people, with any politicians, will depend on this.