President of Ukraine

Bolstering air defense for Kharkiv, Sumy and our southern regions is an urgent necessity – address by the President of Ukraine

4 April 2024 - 20:28

Bolstering air defense for Kharkiv, Sumy and our southern regions is an urgent necessity – address by the President of Ukraine

I wish you health, dear Ukrainians!

I held a meeting of the Staff, primarily on the production and supply of drones and electronic warfare equipment for this year. There was a detailed report on contracts, everything was as specific as possible – no empty words, only clear written agreements with manufacturers, clear financing, and clear delivery deadlines. Everyone responsible for this area did a really good job. We will be stronger in terms of all types of drones and electronic warfare. I have set a similar task for the missile program – to work out everything in detail so that the Ukrainian Defense Forces can rely on robust and increasing missile support for our actions. 

There was also a detailed report from the Commander-in-Chief on all those areas of the front where the Russian army expected to succeed at the moment. We managed to stabilize our positions. The Commander-in-Chief reported on our actions that prevent the occupier from advancing. Given the shortage of shells and a significant slowdown in supplies, these results are really good. 

I am grateful to all the soldiers and commanders who ensure the results on the battlefield. The resilience of each of them is the resilience of our entire Ukraine.

There was also the first report of the new Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, General Ivashchenko, on specific actions in his position and specific FIS activities. The plans were approved.

Of course, throughout the day there were reports on the situation in the regions. Special attention was paid to Kharkiv and the consequences of Russian strikes on the city. Today, unfortunately, four people were killed, including three rescuers from our State Emergency Service of Ukraine, because of a "Shahed" strike on an ordinary residential area. They arrived at the scene after the first strike and then the second hit occurred. A vile Russian tactic. My condolences to all the families and friends. 

Today I spoke with the military about how to provide greater protection for Kharkiv – specifically in terms of air defense. All our diplomats have the same task. Bolstering air defense for Kharkiv, the entire Kharkiv region, Sumy region, and the southern regions is an absolute and urgent necessity. And I am grateful to every country, every leader who is now in communication with us looking for opportunities to help. It is totally unacceptable that so many countries in the world are still thinking about how to counter terror, even though there are only a few political decisions needed – a few air defense systems that could fundamentally change the situation. We will continue appropriate work with our partners.

And one more thing.

I would like to commend the warriors who have proven themselves most effective at the front these days. The 128th separate mountain assault brigade, the 66th artillery division of the 406th separate artillery brigade, the 35th separate marine brigade and the 126th separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces. Thank you all, warriors! And I am especially grateful today to the warriors of the Omega Special Forces Center. This is one of the most effective and experienced units of the National Guard of Ukraine. It was on this day 21 years ago that Omega was founded, and during this war the guys are showing maximum combat capability. 11 Omega warriors have been conferred the title of Hero of Ukraine, eight of them posthumously.

Glory to everyone who fights for Ukraine! To everyone who protects and saves the lives of our people! And may the memory of all Ukrainians who gave their lives for the sake of our country and people be eternal and blessed!

Glory to Ukraine!