President of Ukraine

President initiated the immediate liquidation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv

13 April 2021 - 13:41

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy submitted the draft Law of Ukraine "On Liquidation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv" to the Verkhovna Rada as urgent.

According to part 2, article 125 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the court is formed, reorganized and liquidated by the law, the draft of which is submitted to the Verkhovna Rada by the President of Ukraine (after consultations with the High Council of Justice).

In a democratic society, respect and trust in the judiciary must be unconditional. But where trust perishes, democracy ends. The DACK had enough time to come to senses, look in the mirror and find the simple things that society and the state are so looking for in it - justice, impartiality and honesty. Instead, we see another "tape" scandal, corruption of related people with money-laden safes, and numerous dubious decisions. Confidence in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv has been wasted.

"Today I am submitting to the parliament a bill on the liquidation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. The court, which has not been able to regain trust, but has managed to return the scandals and strange decisions far from the concept of justice. Enough of safes full of millions of cash belonging to people linked with the leadership of the court. Enough of waiting for the next recordings of scandalous conversations from the offices of judges who think they prevail over everything in our country. The court, one decision of which can put an end to any achievement of the state, any reform, will be liquidated. Take this as a signal to any court that has betrayed respect for the law," the Head of State emphasized.

The old, inefficient judicial system is unable to meet Ukrainians' demand for justice. The submitted bill proves the President's commitment to his promises to completely clean up the judicial system, which has lost the trust of the citizens of Ukraine.