President of Ukraine

President emphasizes the need to reform the UN and increase the effectiveness of security unions

13 April 2018 - 18:25

President emphasizes the need to reform the UN and increase the effectiveness of security unions

President Poroshenko is convinced that the UN needs reform as soon as possible, while other security alliances of the world should be reinforced.

"The UN needs immediate reform. It should deprive the aggressor country of the veto right. And the second issue is that we need to increase the effectiveness of other security alliances, including NATO. Among other things, this security alliance should open the door for Ukraine," the Head of State said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

Petro Poroshenko said that such a necessity was caused by Russia’s blatant neglect of international law, violation of the security principles, which the countries adhered to, and its blocking of the investigation into crimes against humanity.

In particular, the President recalled the latest developments in Syria, where the chemical weapons were used by the Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad "with the help of the Russian Federation, which coordinated and probably took part in this crime”. It was confirmed by the documents submitted by the United States and Great Britain at the UN Security Council meeting.

"The use of chemical weapons contradicts all UN conventions. It is extremely dangerous and is de facto the use of weapons of mass destruction," he said.

The Head of State called the fact that Russia is using chemical weapons not only in Syria no less threatening. "For the first time in many years, the Russian Federation has used chemical weapons in Europe," he emphasized, noting that it was an attempt to kill former officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal, during which the poison was used, which, according to the United Kingdom, came from Russia. "We have an official conclusion of the international expert laboratory that is authorized to give these and similar conclusions, which states that this is the kind of poison the United Kingdom has informed of," Petro Poroshenko stated.

The President recalled that the world and our country had responded to such an audacious behavior - they expelled Russian diplomats and imposed subsequent sanctions not only on Russian companies, but also on individuals. "This sign of solidarity of Ukraine was highly appreciated by our partners. This is an adequate response to those events," the Head of State said.