President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine: I am proud that Ukrainian is fashionable in the world

19 May 2022 - 20:55

President of Ukraine: I am proud that Ukrainian is fashionable in the world

The values that the Ukrainian people defend in the fight against the aggressor are the national idea around which our country and the whole world are united. This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy during an online meeting with students and rectors of Ukrainian higher education institutions.

“Sometimes we look for a national idea… Each of us can have our own national idea. But look at the common values we defend - this is the national idea. Independence, our Ukraine," the Head of State said.

According to him, the Ukrainian people have united, defending important things from the enemy: our Ukrainianness, our children, our culture.

"We are all united now. We understand exactly who we are, how we are different from our neighbors, who are fighting for what. We are the same. An equally beautiful country. And we are all united. Finally, our people are united. Unfortunately, for such a bloody reason, but finally it happened - the unification of the people, the state, society, mentality, ideas, the unification of the present, and therefore there will be the unification of the future. This is wonderful," the President stressed.

According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainians not only united themselves, but also united other countries around them. And interest in Ukraine is now felt all over the world - both among politicians and ordinary citizens: people want to come to Ukraine and look at our heroic people. And this is a change in the world’s mentality, the Head of State is convinced.

"We could not believe that we were such a nation. We are a great Ukrainian nation. Both Europe and the United States are shocked and doubt whether they could do so or not," he said.

"I am proud that Ukrainian is fashionable in the world. This sounds very cool. Ukraine is number one in the world today. I am proud of everything that belongs to the history of Ukraine, starting with the language and our traditions," Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed.

According to him, Ukrainians deserve such recognition of the world and such an attitude, although now they are going through perhaps the most difficult and very bloody stage.

However, the President expressed his firm conviction that this war will end, Ukrainian cities will be unblocked, our army will be rearmed, modern air defense will be created so that the security situation allows our country to live and develop despite some neighbors.

The President also stressed that Ukraine needs young people and expressed hope that after the end of the war, Ukrainians who went abroad will return.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that today he is glad to see energy and confidence in Ukrainian students.

"Confidence is what has united our people and given strength to our army. And it helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine to become twice as big thanks to the confidence of our people," the Head of State said.