President of Ukraine

Presidential couple watched the exhibition "Lesya Ukrainka: 150 Names"

25 February 2021 - 20:37

Presidential couple watched the exhibition

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the First Lady Olena Zelenska visited the exhibition "Lesya Ukrainka: 150 Names", which is part of an art project dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the prominent Ukrainian writer and public figure.

As the curator of the exhibition Pavlo Gudimov told the presidential couple, one of the symbols of the exhibition is 150 names that played a significant role in the life of the writer.

Volodymyr and Olena Zelenskyy also got themselves acquainted with the complete collection of works by Lesya Ukrainka, which included her letters, unpublished manuscripts and drafts.

"This is a very interesting and cool project. Here Lesya Ukrainka is a vivid, unique personality with a worldview that was progressive for her generation and remains relevant today. I think that everyone who visits this exhibition will have a chance to look at the genius Lesya Ukrainka, whom they know from school, from a new, unusual point of view and to become even more interested in her work. Lesya Ukrainka continues to inspire many authors to new creative projects," the President said.