President of Ukraine

Regarding the imposition of sanctions by the Russian government on members of a number of factions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

5 September 2020 - 14:46

The government of the Russian Federation periodically updates the list of natural persons - citizens of Ukraine on whom special prohibitive sanctions are imposed. This time, sanctions have been imposed against members of a number of Ukrainian parliamentary parties.

The motivation for such actions always has no obvious logical explanations and is most likely situational and speculative in nature. Aimed at propaganda purposes. However, now this "technological trick" by Russia is used against the background of a number of scandalous events - first of all, the obvious poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the prolonged political crisis in Belarus, which sharply worsen the attitude of the world community towards the Russian Federation itself and force the world community to reconsider the formats of relations with the Russian Federation in the direction of further rigidity and isolation. It is quite possible that in such a simple way, by imposing sanctions on some of our citizens, Russia is trying to protect its situational interests and reduce the information impact of numerous negative factors on public opinion within the country.

However, we especially want to emphasize the following. If today's introduction of restrictive sanctions concerns principled positions, positions that are related in one way or another to our attitude to the unconditional territorial integrity of Ukraine, to high standards of democracy, freedom and human rights, to the inviolability of the postulate about the occupying country that annexed part of our territories, we are absolutely united on all these positions. Regardless of party affiliation and political differences. And in this case, we recommend imposing sanctions on all our parliamentarians at once and even against all our citizens. In order to save time required to compile individual sanctions lists. That will be fair and just.

If it is another attempt to play various manipulations on the eve of the election in our country (which, of course, cannot be ruled out, given Russia's propensity for global media propaganda provocations) and play along with certain political groups, then, unfortunately for Russia, we can easily recognize all such manipulations and they have absolutely no effect on our internal political health.