President of Ukraine


Every time Russian blackmail intensifies, food prices rise. And every time the world does not give in to blackmail, foodstuffs become cheaper. And if there was no Russian attack on Ukraine, there wouldn't even be a phantom threat of the global food crisis.

As of now, we can report that the technical possibility of water supply has already been restored for all consumers in Ukraine. For most, it is also technically possible to supply electricity. Stabilizing blackouts continue in nine regions of Ukraine.

Terror against Ukrainian energy facilities, moreover against the background of Russia's attempts to exacerbate the global food crisis, clearly indicates that Russia will continue to oppose itself to the entire international community.

I thank you for the already started cooperation of your Association with the Ukrainian Office of the Prosecutor General and for your initiatives that help us fight for justice for all the victims of this Russian terrorist war. Together we can prove that the law is effective, that the law works, that every war crime will be investigated, and every war criminal will be brought to justice.

Every day and without any breaks, we work to speed up the restoration of the territorial integrity of our state.

From September to today, 176 vessels have already accumulated in the grain corridor, which cannot follow their route. Some grain carriers have been waiting for more than three weeks. This is an absolutely deliberate blockade by Russia.

We cannot slow down the momentum in cooperation and give Russia even the slightest hope that its terror can work. Right now, and precisely in Ukraine, it is being decided whether our part of the world will be free and democratic. Ultimately, this is how the global fate of democracy will be determined.

Even formally the occupiers confirm that they cannot stay on the territory of Ukraine, and therefore they already try to steal medical equipment and enslave medical personnel.

The day of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis on the 247th day of our struggle becomes a symbol: the result of our struggle definitely becomes the liberation of our Ukraine!

No matter what the enemy does, our task is to break its plans and protect Ukraine. Conscious energy consumption is now needed by all Ukrainians. Please choose your own scheme for limiting electricity consumption while there is a shortage in the general power system.