President of Ukraine


With each such missile strike, Russia is only driving itself deeper into a dead end. They have fewer and fewer missiles. Instead, the status of the biggest terrorist in the world will have consequences for Russia and its citizens for a long time. And each missile only confirms that all this must end with a tribunal.

Our attention to others, when it may be lacking from one of our relatives - for various reasons, our words that can warm those around us when events are too cold, and our care for each other when circumstances are challenging - all this is also our common defense.

Ukraine is on its way to the victory that generations of our people have dreamed of. Now our children dream of it. Our parents and grandparents dreamed of it. All generations from the time of Bohdan to the national liberation struggle of the XX century. We will get what we did not achieve before. We will. 

In general, this week will be important for Ukraine from a political point of view. We are entering the next year and must retain a common understanding of our national goals. Of course, this is the liberation of our land from the enemy, as well as the restoration of Ukraine, the return of our people home.

Thank you to everyone who works for Ukraine regardless of whether it's a holiday, a weekend, or a weekday! Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who helps our country!

Please pay attention to air alarms these days. Search again and remember where the nearest Point of Invincibility is located. Tell your parents how to find the Point of Invincibility if needed.

We will celebrate our holidays! As always. We will smile and be happy. As always. The difference is one. We will not wait for a miracle. After all, we create it ourselves.

We are preparing for the coming months and next year in general. Our tasks are unchanged. It is the liberation of our land. Safety for our people. Restoration of our country after the Russian strikes. These are the elements of the Ukrainian victory, which we are approaching step by step.

We must do everything possible and impossible, formally and informally, personally and directing the forces of the powerful, professional teams we have formed in order to strengthen the defense of our state, guarantee the safety of our people and accelerate the victory of Ukraine.

We are returning from Washington - we are coming with good results. With something that will really help.