President of Ukraine


We are creating mechanisms for the implementation of the norms of international law, which will actually serve to prevent international crimes and establish justice for decades after the end of this war.

When we jointly take care of the security of our region, of normal life in our region, it provides, as a result, elements of global security.

Terrorists deliberately try to leave behind as many death traps as possible. Buried landmines, tripwire mines, mined buildings, cars and infrastructure... This is more than 170 thousand square kilometers of dangerous territory.

It is an honor for me to represent all Ukrainians. And guide our common will for our common goal... For the sake of victory in this war and accession of Ukraine to the community of European nations – to our European Union.

Today we have a very important result in France. The Supreme Court of France upheld the decision on recovery in favor of the Ukrainian Oschadbank from the aggressor state. The amount with accrued interest is almost 1.5 billion dollars.

This is not about politics, this is about life. Now is that very time – when support literally means saving, saving millions of people, millions of fathers and mothers, millions of children.

Ukraine and the free world should definitely not change their goals and exchange their values for some compromises, if the dictatorship is afraid to admit a mistake and tempts with a break in the battles. We must fully protect freedom and guarantee the security of our democracy.

When the Day of the Armed Forces in a state is a holiday of gratitude, I am sure that such a state cannot be defeated and cannot be broken. And today we all see it for sure and have seen it again.

I am also grateful to our partners for the air defense systems we are currently using. Every downed Russian missile is concrete proof that terror can be defeated.