President of Ukraine


It is necessary to act now - without waiting for the end of the war - to hold to account all those who started it, and to prevent any repetition of aggression.

Today I signed the Law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on the liquidation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

Thank you very much for the news regarding the large contribution, regarding the support for Ukraine in the amount of 1 billion - it is really very important for us.

Here and now we have to agree on specific things that will not only help Ukraine endure the winter. They will also prove as clearly as possible to any anti-democratic and anti-European forces, and primarily to Russia, that Europe has learned to prevent catastrophe and protect its people.

At all levels, we must be prepared for any hostile intentions. And we will do everything to get through this winter.

Millions of our people are fighting and working for the sake of freedom. It is thanks to your support that Ukrainian invincibility has gained so much strength.

We are constantly working with partners to mitigate the situation and give our people more opportunities, more electricity. By decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, sanctions were applied against seven people.

The situation in Odesa region is very difficult. After the night strike by Iranian drones, Odesa and other cities and villages of the region are in the dark. Power engineers, repair crews, regional authorities – everyone is working non-stop to restore power.

We work out solutions for the sake of justice, for the sake of holding Russia accountable, and for the sake of finding formats for the release of our people, who are held captive by the occupiers.