President of Ukraine


If it weren't for Ukrainian food, if it weren't for our joint leadership with our partners, social stability in such regions as North Africa or the Middle East would not have been maintained. This is exactly what Russia wanted. We must – and we can! – not allow this.

We will not allow millions of people in the world to be left without food and water. We remember how it used to be. Unfortunately, we know how it happens today. We won't make it happen tomorrow. Neither here, nor in any country of the world on the entire planet.

Please, it is necessary to consume electricity sparingly in all regions, as before. If you don't have a power outage, it doesn't mean the problem is over. Please, if you have electricity, this does not mean that you can turn on several powerful electrical appliances at once.

This year Europe finally carries out energy disarmament of Russia. The continent's dependence on Russian energy resources has started to reduce. And it must vanish completely. And one of the key instruments for that is to limit Russian profit from exports of its resources.

Energy workers, utility workers, business - everyone is doing their part to give light again. This is truly a nationwide task - Ukraine is working as unitedly as possible in this.

I urge you to do everything you can to ensure that the OSCE is among those who are truly able to stop terror and help bring Russian murderers and torturers to justice.

We are doing everything for the people. And the occupiers are doing everything to make people suffer, so that we can't even hear and see each other. The Russian occupiers still haven’t understood that they have only today. And we definitely have tomorrow.

We expect a strong reaction from the world to today's Russian terror. We expect the reaction of partners. We expect the reaction of friends - not just observers. We expect the reaction of all those who really recognize the UN Charter.

By helping each other, we will all be able to get through this winter together.

I urge you to be very specific as well! Specific in help. And to support the protection of our cities and communities against terror. Together we can definitely do it.