President of Ukraine

Joint Declaration by Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic

8 July 2023 - 13:58

During their telephone conversation on July 8, 2023, the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic adopted the following Joint Declaration.

The President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of the Portuguese Republic reiterated their unequivocal condemnation of Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine. Ukraine has shown remarkable determination in exercising its inherent right to self-defence against this illegal unprovoked and unjustified attack, which blatantly violates international law, including the UN Charter. Russia must immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

The Portuguese Republic remains unwavering in its commitment to Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. The Portuguese Republic commends the determination and courage of the Ukrainian people and armed forces in their defence against Russia’s war of aggression and acknowledges their significant contribution to the security of the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond. The Portuguese Republic will continue its political, financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine for as long as it takes – individually and through international cooperation in the European Union, in NATO, in the United Nations and in other formats. 

The Portuguese Republic has made unprecedented and substantial military contributions to Ukraine, and will continue taking constantly into account the most urgent and immediate needs of Ukraine to strengthen its defence capabilities. In addition to its national contribution, the Portuguese Republic is actively involved in the measures of the European Union and NATO in the military assistance to Ukraine and in the training of Ukrainian soldiers, including training of fighter jets pilots.

The Portuguese Republic actively contributes to the measures of the European Union in the military assistance to Ukraine under the European Peace Facility. For this purpose, the European Union has so far allocated EUR 5.5 billion for military assistance to Ukraine. Through the EU Military Assistance Mission, the Portuguese Republic together with its partners contributes to strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian armed forces. Building on the support provided so far, the Portuguese Republic will help Ukraine to strengthen its resilience, protect its people, and counter Russia’s disinformation campaigns.

The Portuguese Republic expresses its support to Ukrainian Peace Formula, aimed at establishing a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine for global security. The Ukrainian Peace Formula includes a variety of important objectives, many of which the Portuguese Republic is ready to work on such as food security, energy security and fighting ecocide. The Portuguese Republic stands ready to cooperate with Ukraine to ensure as wide an international participation as possible in the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula and in a Global Peace Summit.

Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic underline their firm commitment to bringing to justice those responsible for war crimes and other atrocity crimes committed in connection with Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. The Portuguese Republic participates actively and encourages other countries to join the Core Group on achieving accountability for the crime of aggression against Ukraine and welcomes ongoing international efforts, in cooperation with Ukraine, to ensure accountability with broad international support.

Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic reiterate their support for the International Criminal Court and for the investigations led by the Prosecutor, which are a step towards accountability and have taken note of the court's arrest warrants.

The Portuguese Republic welcomes the agreement on the new International Centre for Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA) in The Hague and commends its launch.

Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic agree on the need to increase the collective pressure on Russia through further sanctions to weaken Russia's ability to continue its illegal war of aggression. Efforts to ensure the effective implementation of sanctions and to prevent and counter circumvention in and by third countries must be strengthened.

Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic share a commitment to counter Russian false narratives and disinformation about the war, European sanctions and their consequences, namely in the field of global food security. Both are committed to continue working towards an increased availability and affordability of agricultural products in most vulnerable countries.

Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic will continue to work together with others to develop mechanisms to provide compensation for losses, injuries and damages caused by the Russian aggression. To this end, the international register of damage, created at the Reykjavik Summit of the Council of Europe on 16–17 May 2023, is an important milestone and a first step towards an international compensation mechanism for victims of Russian aggression. Our efforts will continue to explore appropriate options for the financing of a compensation mechanism, including a sound legal basis for the use of frozen and immobilized Russian assets, to support Ukraine’s reconstruction and for the purposes of reparation.

The Portuguese Republic, together with international organizations and partners, is committed to participating in the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. Already now, it is important to lay the ground for an ambitious and long-term engagement that will create opportunities and enable the Ukrainian people to rebuild their country. Engaging all relevant partners, including private companies and international, with the aim of securing the financial support, investments and knowledge needed, is essential to ensure a prosperous future for Ukraine.

The future of Ukraine and its people lies within the European family. The European Union has already recognized the European perspective of Ukraine and granted Ukraine the candidate country status. The Portuguese Republic strongly supports Ukraine in its reform efforts and in meeting the requirements needed to start accession negotiations, looking forward to a European Commission positive report.

In the NATO framework, the Portuguese Republic continues to focus on the immediate support to Ukraine, including through a reinforced NATO’s Comprehensive Assistance Package. In coordination with Allies and partners, the Portuguese Republic continues its support to bolster Ukraine’s capacity to defend itself and recalls that Ukraine has the right to choose its own security arrangements. At the Bucharest Summit in 2008, allies agreed that Ukraine will become a NATO member. NATO’s Open Door policy is firmly grounded in the Washington treaty. Ukraine formally requested an accelerated procedure for NATO membership in September 2022. The Portuguese Republic will continue to support Ukraine on its path towards future membership and supports Ukraine to become NATO Member when conditions allow for it. Ukraine and the Portuguese Republic look forward to addressing all these issues at the upcoming NATO Summit in Vilnius in July 2023.