President of Ukraine

Maryna Poroshenko in the Center for Children’s Protection “Our Children”: World experience will help us change the Soviet system of boarding school education

15 May 2015 - 16:56

On May 15, President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko visited the Center for Children’s Protection “Our Children”, which is a structural cell of "German-Polish-Ukrainian Society" in Ukraine. This Center is a unique pilot example of successful partnership, inter alia, in the sphere of energy efficiency.

Maryna Poroshenko examined the concept and new methods of social work and education of children that found themselves in difficult conditions. The work of the center is focused on adaptation, rehabilitation, correction and development of children and their families, if necessary. In the Center, children are kept in conditions similar to a family. They are supervised by "social parents" (husband and wife).

In the course of the conversation, the staff of the Center presented a unique project of social and psychological rehabilitation of children “Inclusion”. The project promotes reintegration of children in society through art (music, dance, singing, theatre, design, sports).

The President’s wife noted: “We’ve seen wonderful new methods of raising children that found themselves in difficult conditions. We must study such an experience and change our obsolete and inefficient Soviet system of boarding school education”.

Also, Maryna Poroshenko has examined the “green technologies” implemented in the Center, in particular heating and water supply system, which is completely autonomous and based on the exploitation of renewable geothermal energy of the earth.

"We need to invite concerned and responsible persons. Show, tell and teach them how to implement similar technologies and projects, because it is not only concern for the environment, but also great economy, which is essential for our institutions. It is an excellent example of European standards already implemented in Ukraine," Maryna Poroshenko stressed.

Maryna Poroshenko was accompanied by founder of the structural cell of "German-Polish-Ukrainian Society", Ms. Barbara-Maria Monheim, Chairman Mykola Kniazhytsky and Commissioner of the President for Children's Rights Mykola Kuleba.